EuroMillions Android App

android application

The EuroMillions Android app for is available to install directly onto your Android smartphone. This free lottery app gives you a full range of great features, starting with the most up to date EuroMillions results as well as a ticket checker and full archive of past results. EuroMillions results are updated seconds after each draw allowing you to stay up to date no matter where you are in the world (an internet connection is required to access the latest results).

This FREE EuroMillions Android App Provides the Following Features:

  • Displays the latest EuroMillion results and prize information
  • Checks your EuroMillions ticket to see if any balls match
  • Generates random numbers as an alternative to using Lucky Dips
  • Lists all EuroMillions results back to the very first draw

The EuroMillions App is compatible with all Android devices using Android system 1.6 or higher.

How to Install the EuroMillions Android App

To download the EuroMillions app follow these simple instructions:

Step 1

Touch or Scan to Download the App

Touch the 'Android Download' button, or scan the code with your phone if you have a QR scanner.

Free android app download
Scan the QR code for the EuroMillions App for Android

Touch to Install the App

Step 2 - Touch to Install the App

Once the app has finished downloading, click the downloaded file to install the app.  Depending on the configuration of your phone it may notify that you can only install apps from the Android Market (and this app is provided direct from our website).  If you receive this prompt, click the 'Settings' button, tick to allow the installation of non-Android Market applications and then click on the downloaded file again.

Confirm App Installation

Step 3 - Confirm Installation of the App

You will be asked to confirm installation of this application and that it needs internet access to communicate with our online lottery server, click the 'Install' button to accept.


Step 4 - Enjoy the Free App!

Once installation has finished, open the app and start receiving the latest EuroMillions results and enjoying the many other included features!