Friday EuroMillions

Friday EuroMillions draws have been giving lottery players something big to look forward to ever since EuroMillions was first launched in 2004. Originally this draw was the only one around, but after several years of massive success it was announced that a Tuesday EuroMillions draw would also be added to the schedule, with the first such draw taking place on Tuesday 10 May, 2011.

The Friday Euro Millions game continues to be massively popular, and every week tens of millions of people eagerly await the selection of the Friday numbers. Many players watch the draw take place live on television, whilst others get on with their lives and check the Euro Millions results for Friday at a later time. Both approaches are perfectly acceptable as long as all players make sure that they claim any prize won before the deadline specified in their country.

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Friday EuroMillions Results

Obtaining the latest Friday results is a simple matter of visiting our EuroMillions Results page, where the numbers are published within minutes of each draw taking place. Players who have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with WiFi coverage can also choose to download our free EuroMillions iPhone application and get the Friday Euro Millions results delivered to them directly.

It is likely that Friday draws will always be slightly more popular than their Tuesday counterparts, and that’s because playing Euro Millions is a great way to celebrate the start of the weekend. The idea of winning a jackpot worth tens of millions in the Friday EuroMillions draw, celebrating all weekend and then being able to quit the day job first thing on Monday morning is one that has a very wide appeal. Of course, winning a jackpot on a Tuesday EuroMillions would be just as satisfying, but Tuesdays just don’t have the same kind of ‘weekend magic’ that is associated with Friday games.

For those of you who are fairly new to EuroMillions, we should tell you that tickets for each Friday EuroMillions game can be purchased online right here. Buying tickets online gives you exactly the same chance of winning a Friday EuroMillions jackpot as buying tickets offline, but is obviously a lot more convenient and – because you can’t lose a virtual ticket or have it stolen – a lot safer. Buy your tickets online today and maybe the next Friday Euro Millions game will make you a multi-millionaire!