Win the Euromillions with Cosmic Ordering?

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Some Euromillions players are experimenting with a new approach to winning that involves “ordering” riches from the cosmos. The idea of being able to place orders for the fulfilment of personal desires and wishes with a hypothetical all-pervading “universal intelligence” is not particularly new, but a book by German author Bärbel Mohr called The Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide to Realising Your Dream has brought it into the limelight.

There are sceptics who insist that the idea of being able to place orders with the cosmos is nothing more than wishful thinking, but for those of you who would like to at least give the idea a fair trial, here’s how to get started:

Step 1 - Write Down Your Desires - The first step to placing your order with the universe is to write your desires down on paper and be specific about what you want. Rather than trying to order a rather vague – and potentially disappointing - request such as “I desire a Euromillions win”, you could write down “I desire to be the sole winner of a Euromillions win of €15 million or more within the next 12 months.”

Step 2 – Visualise Your Success - The next key step is to visualise yourself obtaining your desire. The best way to do this is to close your eyes in bed, just before sleep, and imagine yourself winning the Euromillions jackpot in as much detail as possible. Imagine yourself holding a ticket and checking your numbers. Imagine the thrill as you discover that you have won the jackpot. Imagine telephoning Euromillions and having them confirm that you are indeed the winner of the amount you desire. Imagine thinking to yourself that cosmic ordering had made it possible!

Step 3 – Use Symbols – You can use symbols to “remind” the universe about what you want. For example, you could use a picture which symbolises your desire to win Euromillions and display it on a bathroom mirror, fridge door or notice board. Every time you glance at the symbol you will be reminding yourself of your desire to win.

Step 4 – Have Faith - An important step, according to Cosmic Ordering enthusiasts, is to really have faith that your desire will be delivered by the universe. Don’t simply hope, wish or dream about becoming a Euromillions winner but actually expect it to happen! Allow yourself to get excited at the prospect and really believe that your Euromillions win is on its way.

What do you think?

If that sounds like too much trouble, you may want to try a more scientific approach to choosing your lucky Euromillions numbers and use our Random Number Generator or by viewing our Euromillions Statistics instead!

14th June 2013