Spanish Lottery

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Lottery games in Spain are operated by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, and when Spanish players think of the “National Lottery” they tend to think of a game known as La Primitiva. This requires players to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49, and the top prize, which is usually worth €3 million, is won by players who succeed in matching all six of their numbers with the six numbers drawn. Rollovers of the jackpot fund after no winners are found can result in the top prize growing to €20 million or more. There are also several other prize tiers for players who manage to match fewer than all six numbers, though as in most other countries, the more numbers you match the more you stand to win. La Primitiva lottery draws take place twice a week, every Thursday and Saturday. Other notable Spanish lottery games include:

Bonoloto – This is another 6 from 49 lottery game, but this one has four draws per week, and these take place every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The jackpot tends to range from €1 million to €7 million, depending on whether there have been any previous rollovers and on the number of eventual winners matching all six numbers.

El Gordo de La Primitiva – This lottery game takes place every Sunday, and requires players to select five main numbers from 1 to 54 and one supplementary numbers from 1 to 9. The top prize, which is worth a minimum of €5 million, is won by players matching all five main numbers plus the supplementary number.

El Gordo – Affectionately referred to as “the fat one”, El Gordo is an annual lottery draw which takes place on December 22 each year. It boasts the biggest number of lottery prizes in the world, and draws take several hours to complete.

In addition to these Spanish lotteries, players in Spain can also participate in the EuroMillions lottery. Loterías y Apuestas del Estado was one of the three European lottery companies that was responsible for making EuroMillions a reality in 2004.

Lotería Nacional

Cómo jugar: Hay que elegir un cupón con un número entre el 00.000 y el 99.999. Cada número está dividido en series. El sorteo del jueves cuenta con 6 series y el del sábado, con 10. Cada serie está dividida en diez décimos, que cuestan 6 euros los jueves y 12, los sábados. Por tanto, para adquirir un número en su totalidad para el sorteo del sábado, habría que comprar 100 décimos. Existen sorteos especiales, como el Gordo de Navidad. Además, cada mes hay un sorteo de lotería dedicado a una ocasión especial, como el del día de San Valentín, que reparte 84 millones de euros en premios.

Premios: Los sorteos tienen lugar los jueves (con un bote de 12 millones de euros) y los sábados (con un bote de 42 millones de euros). Hay sorteos especiales durante el año, como el del día de San Valentín, con un bote de 84 millones de euros.