Tuesday EuroMillions

Tuesday EuroMillions draws were announced in March 2011, with the first draw taking place on Tuesday 10 May, 2011. Prior to the introduction of draws on Tuesdays, the games could only take place on Fridays. That weekly model had served the EuroMillions game very well ever since its launch in 2004, but the addition of Tuesday draws made things even more exciting for players.

Why more exciting? Well, when it was announced that Tuesday EuroMillions draws would be introduced it was also revealed that some rule changes would also be taking place. Those rule changes included more Lucky Star numbers in the game and the addition of a 13th prize tier. The increase in Lucky Star numbers would make it more challenging to win a jackpot, resulting in more rollovers and bigger jackpots. However, the addition of the 13th prize tier - which pays out a modest prize to players who match just two main numbers - made it even easier to win a non-jackpot prize.

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The rule changes which were announced with the news of the Tuesday Euro Millions draws were exciting enough, but it was the announcement of the second weekly draw itself which really caught the imagination of EuroMillions players. With two draws every week, jackpot-seekers who didn’t land a big prize on Friday EuroMillions would only have to wait a few days to see if the Tuesday numbers fared any better. Two draws per week instead of one also meant that jackpots could roll over twice as fast, providing bigger jackpots more often.

When one considers the fact that most other lottery games of similar size to EuroMillions have two or more draws per week (for example, the Powerball and Mega Millions games in the USA) perhaps it wasn’t really surprising that the EuroMillions organisers would eventually decide to follow suit. Whilst some players will always favour the original Friday Euro Millions draw (if only because that’s what they are used to) the majority of players expressed delight at the Tuesday EuroMillions announcement.

Euro Millions Results Tuesday

EuroMillions results for Tuesday draws are published on our EuroMillions Results page within minutes of the numbers being selected, and you are able to buy your Tuesday Euro Millions tickets online just as easily as you can for draws held on Fridays.