Win With Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic OrderingWhile there are no proven tricks to winning the lottery, there's no harm in trying to give Lady Luck a helping hand! Many players turn to the popular method of Cosmic Ordering in an attempt to improve their luck and so we've put together a simple guide for any New Age novices looking to win big.

Improve Your Luck With Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic Ordering is a step-by-step elaboration on the concept of wishful thinking and focuses on the theory of requesting action from the universe.

Step 1: Write Down Your Desires

Requesting action from the universe requires you to write down your desires but remember to be specific! You wouldn't want to be disappointed if the universe delivered on your “I desire a EuroMillions win” with a mere €2.90. Try “I desire a EuroMillions jackpot win within the next 12 months” instead.

Step 2: Visualise Your Success

Visualise yourself realising your desire: imagine every minute detail about the big win, how you got there and what you would do next. Think about the way you would feel, how you would react and who you would tell. Some theorists suggest that by considering every option and ensuring you're fully prepared for a big win, the universe will deliver in order for it to remain balanced.

Step 3: Use Symbols

Symbols are often employed to 'remind' the universe about your desire. Choose an image that reminds you of your wish and keep a representation of your chosen image in a prominent place to make sure that you see it several times a day. Every time you see the symbol it will remind you, and the universe, about your desire. Even if that doesn't work, it'll definitely remind you to buy a ticket!

Step 4: Have Faith

According to Cosmic Ordering enthusiasts, it's vital to have faith in the universe but it's not enough to simply hope, wish or dream – you must fully expect a win to happen. Allow yourself to get excited and really believe it will happen. However, we wouldn't advise spending any money until you've actually won it!