Distribution of Revenue

The distribution of revenue from EuroMillions ticket sales is different depending on where you play the game. For instance, each participating country’s lottery has different rules on how much is set aside for good causes and each government receives a different amount of duty on the income from ticket sales.


This is how the money taken in ticket sales is shared out in the UK:

A chart illustrating where proceeds from UK ticket sales go

Therefore a £2.50 EuroMillions ticket is divided as follows:
£1.25 Prize Pool
70p Good Causes
30p Government Lottery Duty
12.5p Retailer Commission
11.25p Operating Costs
1.25p Profit to Lottery Operator

Sales from each EuroMillions draw in the UK raise millions of pounds, of which 50% is used to fund prizes. You can see how that money is divided between the different prize tiers at the Prizes page. The Good Causes Fund receives 28 percent of EuroMillions ticket sales, contributing to the £37 billion raised in total from all National Lottery games in the UK since it was launched in 1994.