EuroMillions Dreams - How Would You Change Your Life?

Imagining how you'd spend a EuroMillions jackpot is a great form of escapism and it's likely that everyone who's ever played the game has done it at one time or another. However, these dreams vary from person to person with some players imagining themselves living life in the fast lane, while others would welcome the chance just to wind down. We conducted a survey of lottery players and identified the top four things on the wish list of would be EuroMillions winners.

1. Quitting the Day Job

Our survey revealed that top of the EuroMillions participants' wish-list is, understandably, giving up the day job. Some people would use their windfall to escape their work routine but others would use the cash to start up their own business. Emma Cartwright in the UK shared a £45 million jackpot with six co-workers in 2009 and then returned to college to further her education. Emma's next dream, now she no longer needs dream about winning the lottery, is to use the money to set up her own beauty salon and training academy. Would you use your winnings to do your dream job or stop working entirely?

2. Buying a New Home

There is a saying England that an Englishman's home is his castle and following a high-value EuroMillions win, your home really could be a castle. Our survey found that most players would love to splash out on a pricey new pad but would you opt for a stylish penthouse apartment or a sumptuous stately home?

3. Travelling the World

Whether it's sipping cocktails while you cruise around the Caribbean in your private yacht or partying with the exclusive ski set on the slopes of San Mortiz, a big win could make the world your oyster. Where would you go first?

4. Giving it Away

Sharing your wealth with friends, family and deserving causes is one of the greatest privileges of becoming a EuroMillions winner. Many EuroMillions winners share their cash with those closest to them and some even set up their own charities. Colin and Christine Weir in the UK scooped a phenomenal jackpot worth £161 million in 2011 and set up the Weir Charitable Trust aimed at helping and improving the Scottish community. Who would you share your windfall with?