Health Millions

Health Millions is an online game that offers a jackpot worth at least £5 million every Monday and Thursday. Look out for the monthly Super Jackpot events, in which the top prize is boosted to a huge £15 million. This page tells you all you need to know about how Health Millions works and how you can win those big jackpots.

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Thursday's Jackpot
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Health Millions Results

Monday 26th September
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Head over to the official Health Millions website for previous results and more information about the game.

How to Play

When you take part in Health Millions, you place an online bet on the results. The game is not available at retailers. It costs £1 per entry and you just need to make sure you get your bets in before 8:50pm on the day of the game, with the winning numbers selected at 9:00pm. Here’s how to take part:

You will need to register for an online account so that you can add the funds to pay for your entries. Once you have made your purchase, you can just wait for the winning numbers to be selected. You will be sent an email if you win a prize.

Prizes and Odds

Health Millions gives you the opportunity to win a multimillion-pound jackpot with every bet. To land the top prize, all of your numbers must match the winning numbers. There are also other prizes up for grabs, and you just have to predict the Health Ball correctly to receive a free bet. The table below shows the prizes you can win and the odds for each category.

Prize Tier Prize Odds
6 + Health Ball £5 million 1 in 79,453,500
6 £2 1 in 19,863,375
5 + Health Ball £2 1 in 300,960
5 £2 1 in 75,240
4 + Health Ball £2 1 in 5,599
4 £2 1 in 1,399
3 + Health Ball £2 1 in 299
3 £2 1 in 74
2 + Health Ball £2 1 in 39
2 £2 1 in 10
1 + Health Ball Free Bet 1 in 12
0 + Health Ball Free Bet 1 in 11
The overall odds of winning are 1 in 3

The Health Millions jackpot is fixed at £5 million in regular games and does not roll over. If there are multiple winners, it is split between them.

Super Jackpots

The top prize is boosted to £15 million for special Super Jackpot events. These take place twice every month, giving you the opportunity to bet on a jackpot that is three times its usual amount at no extra cost.

The game works the same as normal when Super Jackpots are offered, so you have the same range of numbers to pick from and you can still win a free bet just for matching the Health Ball, or £2 just for matching two main numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the frequently asked questions below to learn more about Health Millions.

Can you win more than one prize per bet?

No, you can only win one prize per bet. For example, you cannot win £2 and a free bet if you match at least two main numbers and the Health Ball. The prize in this instance is £2. You need to match all the winning numbers to land a share of the jackpot.

What happens to the Super Jackpot if no one wins?

The Super Jackpot is only available on the night it is advertised. If nobody wins the enhanced £15 million jackpot, it will revert to £5 million for the next game.

How do you receive prizes?

You need an online account to take part, and this account will automatically be credited with your free bet or cash prize if you win. If you land the jackpot, you will be guided through the verification process and it will then be paid into your bank account. The game is only available online, so you cannot take part or receive prizes in stores.

Is Health Millions the same as the Health Lottery?

No, Health Millions is a completely separate game. It is operated by Lottomatrix Operations Ltd in partnership with the Health Lottery. Among the differences between the games are the number matrix, the days on which they are played and the prize structures. Health Lottery draws are held every day from Tuesday to Saturday, you select five numbers from 1 to 50, and the jackpot is at least £25,000.