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How to Spend €15 Million

A EuroMillions jackpot of €15 million offers winners the chance to fulfil their lifelong dreams. The top prize may well be far greater, but there are so many fun ways that you could spend €15 million.

Luxury City Living
Luxury City Living

Top of the wish-list for many winning ticket holders would be a luxurious new place to live, and winners of a €15 million jackpot would have the option to set up home in some of London’s most beautiful areas. There are lavish homes on the Neo Bankside, a waterside development near Tate Modern, and with one luxury apartment left in the development starting at €6 million, you’d get to bask in opulent bedrooms and take in spectacular views across the city without even having to hop on the Tube.

Country House
Country Serenity

Life in the city is not for everyone, and many multi-millionaires prefer to go for grand mansions in glorious rural settings. Weybridge in Surrey contains some of the most expensive streets in England and there are stunning country manors. A six-bedroom house in St George’s Hill for example, built in the 1920s and nearly one and a half acres in size, would cost around €8.2 million. Many celebrities, from Tom Jones to Bobby Davro, have called the area home and there are local golf and tennis clubs to keep your days busy.

Holiday Home
A Holiday Home

It may be that you don’t fancy moving at all and leaving your friends and family, but with €15 million there is nothing to stop you from purchasing a second home which would be perfect for the occasional getaway. Always liked holidaying in France or fancied spending more time in Spain? It could be yours - imagine snapping up a three-bedroom villa in El Toro, Mallorca, complete with a huge swimming pool, for just €3 million on the nose.

Car of Your Dreams
Car of Your Dreams

If you have a reliable car which always gets you from A to B but doesn’t look too flash, it may just be time to park it at the bottom of the drive for a while and indulge in something a little more snazzy. Whether you’ve always wanted to drive a Ferrari, Porsche or live out your James Bond fantasy in a classic Aston Martin, motoring enthusiasts will have no shortage of ideas of how they could use €15 million. If you’re after 007’s set of wheels, an Aston Martin Vantage S Coupe with 2D Sportshift shouldn’t set you back more than €142,000, which means you’d have more than enough left over for other indulgences.

Travel in Style
Travel in Style

A €15 million windfall would allow you to visit some of the world’s most exotic locations and experience different cultures. You could travel by yacht around the Caribbean coastline, visit an opulent five-star hotel in New York, see the skyscrapers of Dubai or tour around some of the world’s great capital cities. If you have always had your eye on more adventure, you could take part in an African safari and soak up the lush landscapes of a beautiful continent. Want to go from London to Edinburgh via Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Syndey, and a host of American cities? It’s definitely within reach for a fraction of your winnings - a twelve-city, business-class itinerary with British Airways, part of the OneWorld Alliance, currently clocks in at €9,469.

Major Events
See Major Events

Instead of settling for a night on the sofa watching the football or a concert, you could use your EuroMillions jackpot to try and snap up a few tickets to soak up the atmosphere live. If sport is your passion, then why not make a trip to the Champions League final, the Super Bowl or even the Australian Open for a spot of tennis? If you prefer music, you could go to the last night of the Proms or see a concert at Carnegie Hall. You could even spring for box seats - after all, you’d be pretty flush with cash!

New Business
Start a New Business

It may be that your dream has always been to have a successful career, but you haven’t had the financial clout to get a new business venture up and running. That would all change with €15 million in the bank, and you could move forward in which ever direction you wish. Whether you think you know all there is to know about online marketing or have designs on building your own knitting empire, this is the chance to see what you can accomplish. Get the finest minds in business together and turn your goals into a reality.