£1 Million Every Month for a Year

The £1 Million Every Month for a Year event is a special version of the UK Millionaire Maker which was first held on Friday 31st May 2013. Instead of the prize being worth £1 million, this draw offers one lucky player a prize of £12 million, paid in twelve £1 million monthly instalments.

The player to win the prize would be the one who matched the raffle code on their EuroMillions ticket to the one drawn.

The special draw was first held on Friday 31st May 2013 and its popularity with players at the time suggests there is a good chance that such a draw will be held again. This page will be updated should a future draw be announced.

Winning UK Millionaire Code for 31st May 2013

The code picked to win £1 million every month for a year was: JRG437445

The final date to claim this prize was Wednesday 27th November 2013. As the winning ticket holder failed to come forward within the 180 day deadline, the total prize fund was distributed into the UK Lottery Good Causes fund to become the second biggest unclaimed lottery prize in UK history. If the unlucky player had purchased their ticket online, they wouldn't have lost their prize.

When is the Next £1 Million Every Month for a Year Game?

No date has been set for the next special game.