New Year's EuroMillions Draws

There are few better ways to celebrate a New Year than with some extra millions in your bank account, as numerous winners of New Year’s EuroMillions draws can attest to.

Each New Year has its own special EuroMillions draw, from big Millionaire Maker raffles to bumper jackpots. Here, you can find the latest news on New Year’s EuroMillions draws and events, as well as information on those of previous years, dating back to 2013.


A remarkable 2021 finished on a high for UK players, with 10 winners in the Millionaire Maker draw on New year’s Eve. Earlier in the year, the record for the biggest jackpot was broken twice in a matter of months - first by a Swiss ticket holder who won €210 million in February, and then by a participant from Tahiti in French Polynesia, who scooped €220 million with the first EuroMillions ticket they had ever purchased.


New Year’s Day 2021 fell on a Friday and the UK organised a special draw to mark the occasion, giving away 10 prizes of £1 million instead of one in the Millionaire Maker. There turned out to be 11 UK millionaires on the night, as one lucky player matched all the numbers in the main game to grab the jackpot of £39 million.


2019 was a record-breaking year for EuroMillions, as the biggest ever jackpot was given away and jackpot winners took more prize money than in any other year. The special year was finished with a UK Millionaire Maker raffle on New Year's Eve, in which 10 UK players won guaranteed prizes of £1 million, providing a fitting end to a successful 2019. The EuroMillions jackpot continued to roll over through the Christmas and New Year period, giving players a £52 million jackpot to look forward to at the start of 2020.


New Year’s Day in 2019 happened to land on a Tuesday, coinciding with the mid-week EuroMillions draw and resulting in a special event for the occasion. Ten UK Millionaire Maker codes were drawn on the night of the 1st January 2019, guaranteeing ten UK players a New Year’s gift of £1 million each.

The draw was made even more special for the winning of the EuroMillions jackpot. It had crept up to £114 million - having started at the minimum jackpot of £15 million (€17 million) the previous November – before being won by Belfast couple Patrick and Frances Connolly. Their EuroMillions win was the UK’s fourth-largest ever, and for them a welcome start to 2019.


Though no special New Year’s Day events took place on the first evening of 2018, the last days of 2017 saw ten lucky UK players meeting the New Year a little heavier in pocket. A special UK Millionaire Maker draw was held on 29th December, guaranteeing ten £1 million prizes instead of the two usually guaranteed at the time.

The 29th December EuroMillions draw also provided big rewards for Irish family, whose syndicate won them the entirety of the €38.9 million jackpot on offer that night.


The start of 2017 was a quiet one in terms of EuroMillions events. All the festivities had already occurred over the Christmas period, as a special edition of the then-popular Mega Week took place. The Tuesday and Friday draws just before Christmas offered players ten chances to win a guaranteed £1 million, plus a five-star skiing experience in Switzerland. See the Christmas EuroMillions draws page to find out more about those special events.


2016’s New Year period was also quiet, though ten UK EuroMillions players started it the right way. A pre-Christmas Mega Week blow-out in 2015 saw two consecutive EuroMillions draws each offer five £1 million prizes, bundled with an all-inclusive holiday to a Swedish mountain chalet.


Though no EuroMillions draws fell on New Year’s Day in 2015, a Mega Friday EuroMillions draw just before on Boxing Day saw ten Millionaire Maker codes drawn instead of one – each £1 million prize accompanied by the prize of a VIP trip to Canada.


New Year’s Eve 2013 was celebrated in true EuroMillions style, with a special UK Millionaire Maker raffle offering 25 guaranteed £1 million prizes. In the weeks following the draw, all but one winner came forward to collect their prize!

Though no one won the jackpot on New Year’s Eve, it was scooped just seven days into 2014, after rolling over to reach an incredible £108 million. Two tickets, purchased in France and Spain respectively, each received €65 million (£54 million).


EuroMillions’ first Tuesday draw landed on New Year’s Day in 2013, with suitable celebrations in tow. Twenty-five millionaires were guaranteed in a bumper Millionaire Maker draw, only one week after a special Christmas Day draw that also offered 25 £1 million prizes!

New Year’s Day was made extra-special by the winning of the EuroMillions jackpot. A sum of €38 million (£30.6 million) was shared between three tickets – one purchased in the UK and two purchased in France.