Playing Tips

Take a look at these tips for playing EuroMillions that will ensure you don’t miss out on one of the life-changing prizes on offer as part of this exciting game. For information on ways to increase your chances of winning and to ensure you receive as large a portion of the prize pool as possible, see the Systems and Strategies page.

Buy Tickets in Plenty of Time

You can buy single tickets for a particular draw up to almost a week in advance, so there is no need to put off making the purchase and potentially forgetting to play. Last minute meetings can be called, terrible weather can descend and huge queues can develop at the till in the run up to the 20:30 CET (19:30 GMT) cut-off time on the day of the draw, preventing you playing your numbers and winning an eight or nine-figure fortune.

Keep Your Tickets Safe

If you buy physical EuroMillions tickets at an authorised retailer, you must make sure you keep them in a safe place as you need them to be able to claim any prize you win. It is also advised that you sign the back of the slip so it can be identified as yours.

Every year large numbers of players across Europe fail to claim big lottery prizes and many of these cases could be due to people losing or misplacing slips before they have the chance to check their numbers. A player who bought their ticket for the EuroMillions draw on 8th June 2012 in the Stevenage and Hitchin area of Hertfordshire, UK missed out on a £63.8 million payday after failing to present their winning ticket to lottery officials within the 180-day claims period. This remains the largest unclaimed lottery prize in history.

See the How to Claim page to find out the deadline for collecting EuroMillions prizes in your country and how to go about receiving your prize. The EuroMillions Rules page details how each country’s lottery makes use of unclaimed prizes.

Check Your Numbers Carefully

Once the draw has been made and the numbers verified, you can check your ticket against the EuroMillions results on this website. Make sure you carefully examine your entries to find out whether you have won one in of the 13 prize tiers on offer in the main draw or any of the awards in the various supplementary EuroMillions games played across Europe.

Play EuroMillions Online

Playing online eliminates the need to worry about storing a ticket safely or checking it correctly. You can’t lose or damage a virtual EuroMillions entry, as it is always associated with you through your secure lottery account. You will also receive an email notification if you win a prize, with the value of the award able to be viewed on logging in.