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Playing Tips

EuroMillions is simple to play and although there is no guaranteed way to improve your chances of winning a prize, there are a handful of tips that can make playing the game as enjoyable and straightforward as possible.

Buy Your Tickets Early

Many players leave buying their EuroMillions tickets until the last minute when they suddenly realise that the time for the draw is fast approaching. Last-minute buying often results in lengthy queues at retailers and with a strict cut-off time of 20:30 CEST (19:30 BST), it is not unusual for players to miss the deadline.

Keep Your Tickets Safe

EuroMillions tickets belong to the bearer, so if you were to lose a winning ticket and someone else found it, they would be entitled to the prize. To make sure that you are able to claim any prizes due to you, we would strongly recommend that you immediately sign the back of your ticket, put it somewhere safe and make sure you remember where you put it!

Check Your Numbers Promptly

If you are not able to check the EuroMillions results immediately after the draw, it's advisable to check your numbers within the following few days to avoid the possibility of missing out on a prize you may have won. It may be hard to believe but every year a large number of EuroMillions prizes go unclaimed as players simply forget to check their tickets. In 2012 a winning EuroMillions ticket-holder in the UK failed to claim a £63 million jackpot and so it expired and was added to the UK Good Causes Fund.

Claim Quickly

If you are lucky enough to become a EuroMillions winner, claim your prize quickly. The claims procedure varies according to how the ticket was purchased so we advise players to make sure that they know which procedure is applicable in their case.

View the How to Claim page for more information.

Play Online

Playing online has a multitude of benefits and is 100% secure. Not only does playing online avoid the inconvenience of having to visit a retailer to purchase a paper ticket but your ticket is stored safely online and automatically checked against your chosen numbers. If your numbers match a winning combination and you are entitled to a prize, you will receive an email with the instruction to log into your account where you will see details of your winning numbers and the prize you have won.

View the How to Play EuroMillions page for more information.