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EuroMillions Syndicate FAQs

Most Frequently Asked EuroMillions Questions


1. What is a lottery syndicate?

A syndicate is a group of people who join together to play lottery games, such as EuroMillions, in order to increase their chances of winning prizes. The members each pay a small amount for a share in the syndicate, but benefit from having a larger number of tickets played in the draw on their behalf than if they had paid the same stake as an individual. Any prizes won are distributed amongst the participants.

These groups can consist of family members, friends or work colleagues, with online EuroMillions syndicates being organised to allow people to team up and enjoy the benefits of playing together without the hassle of managing a syndicate themselves.

2. Do we need a syndicate agreement?

A syndicate agreement is the perfect way to prevent any disputes in your EuroMillions syndicate. Before you start playing, you should lay down some ground rules so that everyone knows in which draws they will play, how much they will pay, what happens if someone doesn't pay their stake and any other potential issues.

Take a look at the Euro-Millions.com sample syndicate agreement in order to get a better idea of what you might like to include in your own document.

A syndicate agreement also avoids any potential tax implications. UK players are not taxed on lottery winnings within the country, but the rules state that EuroMillions prizes must be paid to one person only - usually the syndicate manager. It is their responsibility to share the winnings out and, without an official agreement, that could mean the other members are presented with a big tax bill on the funds they are due.

3. What responsibilities does a syndicate manager have?

Your chosen syndicate manager should be a trustworthy person, as they will be the one responsible for buying the EuroMillions tickets, checking to see what the group has won, collecting the prizes and distributing them amongst the members. They will also need to ensure that the syndicate agreement is kept up to date and enforced.

If you join an online syndicate, the process of purchasing tickets and distributing shares of any prizes is managed automatically.

4. Is there a maximum number of people or tickets allowed in a syndicate?

If you are looking to create your own syndicate then you can include as many players as you want and buy as many tickets as you want. The greater the number of tickets, the better your chances of winning a prize, although if you have a particularly large amount of people the winnings will be smaller and the syndicate may be harder to manage.

With online syndicates, the tickets will already have been bought for you. There is a set number of shares for the group and you can buy as many shares as you like, with bigger payouts available for those who own more shares. It's a good idea to get involved early as syndicate shares can be bought up quickly when there are large jackpots on offer!

5. How does a syndicate buy tickets?

When playing in an offline syndicate, you can purchase EuroMillions tickets for your syndicate at authorised retailers in any of the participating countries.

If you want to play as part of an online syndicate, the tickets will already be purchased and you will just need to choose the number of shares in the group that you would like to own.

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6. How are prizes paid to syndicates?

Lottery rules state that EuroMillions prizes can only be paid to one person, which will usually be the syndicate manager. The Syndicate Manager will then be responsible for distributing the funds as agreed in the syndicate agreement.

Prizes for online syndicates will be automatically paid into the lottery accounts of the group members, with the value owed to each player depending on the number of shares they purchased.

7. Do we need to declare our syndicate?

It is not compulsory to declare your syndicate, but it is advisable to have a syndicate agreement in place, signed by all members, in order to avoid arguments. It also means that members avoid having to pay tax on their winnings; according to the rules set out by the National Lottery, a prize can only be paid out to one person, typically the syndicate manager, who then distributes the money to the other members. If they are not designated as syndicate members at this time, they could be liable for tax on their winnings.

In the event of a major EuroMillions win, the syndicate can opt to go public or stay private. It is a good idea to decide what your group would do in such a situation as you draw up your syndicate agreement, so it can be put down in writing.

8. How do I join an online syndicate?

Joining an online EuroMillions syndicate is simple. Choose the type of syndicate you want to join, decide on the number of shares you would like to own and then pay for your entry. The tickets are bought and checked for you and any winnings will be paid directly into your player account.

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9. How can I be sure the tickets have been purchased?

When you join an online EuroMillions syndicate, the tickets that will be played on your behalf are scanned and displayed in your online account. You don't have to spend time and effort buying them yourself as the hard work is done for you.

Offline syndicates rely on the syndicate manager collecting payments, buying the tickets, making copies of them and sharing out prizes. Playing EuroMillions online avoids the stress of this process, meaning that you can concentrate on enjoying the experience of taking part in the game.

10. How are online syndicate prizes divided?

Online EuroMillions syndicates are divided into equal shares and you can buy as many as you like - the more shares you own, the bigger the payout you will receive. Each share is awarded with the same split of the overall prize money won by the group. For example, if you bought one of ten shares in a syndicate that won £10 million, you would receive £1 million. If you had bought two shares, you would be paid £2 million, and so on.

11. Are lottery syndicates legal?

Syndicates are definitely legal and can be a great way to have fun playing EuroMillions whilst also increasing your chances of winning a prize. If you are playing in an offline syndicate make sure to have a syndicate agreement in place before you start playing. An online syndicate is administered for you automatically and will legally and securely ensure that you receive any winnings owed to you.