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Tuesday EuroMillions

EuroMillions draws take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 21:00 CEST (20:00 BST). The results for the last five Tuesday EuroMillions draws can be found below:

Tuesday's Estimated Jackpot is:
€17 Million!
Time remaining:
Pick Numbers

Latest 5 Tuesday results

10th July 2018
  • 3
  • 8
  • 26
  • 33
  • 45
  • 7
  • 10

Millionaire Maker: MKMX93751 VKMR86851
3rd July 2018
  • 1
  • 12
  • 15
  • 29
  • 48
  • 3
  • 5

Millionaire Maker: HHMF84439 JHMH28429
26th June 2018
  • 15
  • 16
  • 20
  • 34
  • 50
  • 4
  • 7

Millionaire Maker: JFLL65310 MFLM02914
19th June 2018
  • 7
  • 19
  • 26
  • 42
  • 50
  • 4
  • 9

Millionaire Maker: MCKZ03305 XCKW90241
12th June 2018
  • 7
  • 21
  • 23
  • 36
  • 38
  • 6
  • 8

Millionaire Maker: HZKL19314 ZZKG87271

History of the Tuesday EuroMillions draw

Although EuroMillions started in 2004, the Tuesday draw was not introduced until Tuesday 10th May 2011. This date coincided with an increase in the pool of Lucky Star numbers, taking the matrix from 1-9 to 1-11, and the introduction of a 13th prize tier for players matching just two main numbers.

The number of Lucky Stars was increased again, from 11 to 12, ahead of the draw on Tuesday 27th September 2016, and this also marked another exciting change for Tuesday draws as the Mega Week promotion launched permanently.

Mega Friday had previously given UK players the chance to play for extra prizes on the final Friday draw of the month, but Mega Week opened the door for anyone playing on a Tuesday to win one of these special prizes as well. Even more Millionaire Maker codes are drawn than usual during Mega Week, giving away more prizes of £1 million and a luxury experience.

Notable Tuesday EuroMillions winners

The odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are the same for both the Tuesday or Friday draws as winning the jackpot is entirely dependent on correctly matching the numbers drawn rather than on the number of tickets sold.

However, as the midweek draw attracts fewer players than the Friday draw, a player matching the winning combination in the Tuesday draw is more likely to be the sole winner. For example, 85% of Tuesday jackpot prizes won between May 2011 and October 2013 were won by a single winning ticket.

Despite being less popular than the Friday night draw, the Tuesday night draw has resulted in some of the biggest prizes won by single ticket holders in EuroMillions history. The most notable of these was the £161 million (€185 million) jackpot, won by Colin and Chris Weir from the UK, on Tuesday 12th July 2011. This win remains one of the biggest EuroMillions jackpots in history and the largest sterling jackpot won to date.

Just two months later, a French player from Calvados won €162.2 million (equivalent Sterling value of £141 million) on Tuesday 13th September 2011 and on Tuesday 7th February 2012, UK players Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham claimed their place in history as the youngest couple to win a EuroMillions jackpot.

Tuesday is best for winning UK Millionaire Maker

UK players are automatically entered into the UK Millionaire Maker when they purchase a EuroMillions ticket. This accompanying game gives players the chance to win a £1 million prize if one of the UK Millionaire Maker codes drawn matches the one printed on their EuroMillions ticket. One free UK Millionaire Maker code is included for every line of EuroMillions numbers purchased, and two prizes of £1 million are given away in each EuroMillions draw.

Based on assumed sales per draw*, you are more likely to win the UK Millionaire Maker on a Tuesday compared to a Friday:

Odds of winning on Tuesday Odds of winning on Friday
1 in 1,900,000 1 in 2,950,000

So, not only do you stand a better chance of winning a £1 million UK Millionaire Maker prize in the Tuesday draw, if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot you're less likely to have to share the prize!

*These odds may vary considerably depending on the number of UK Millionaire Maker entries for each draw (for example if there is a large EuroMillions jackpot which entices more players to participate).