El Gordo Navidad Lottery

The El Gordo de Navidad is one of the biggest and richest lotteries in the world. Often known as the fat one due to the sheer volume of prizes available to win the Navidad has developed into a tradition in Spain and has become one of the most popular lotteries on the globe. The El Gordo de Navidad translates roughly into the Christmas jackpot and takes place once a year in Spain on the 22nd December.

The El Gordo Navidad is renowned to have the largest prize fund in the world, which Spanish lottery officials have announced to be the incredible sum of €2,520,000,000 for the 2012 Christmas draw!

This Spanish lottery is not only played by residents of Spain but also from people all around the world as everyone wants to win one of the many prizes on offer. The prize pool in the El Gordo de Navidad can easily surpass the €2 billion mark and there are copious amounts of prizes available to win in this special yearly draw.

Latest Results El Gordo 2013

2nd PRIZE:
3rd PRIZE:

The tickets for the El Gordo de Navidad are sold very differently to other world lotteries. Instead of buying a single ticket and selecting your own numbers tickets for this lottery are sold in a raffle style and can be purchased different ways. You can either purchase a full ticket which is known as a ‘billete’ or you can purchase a tenth of a ticket which is known as ‘decimo’ and all tickets are sold in a series which means that there can be up to 190 tickets with the same five digit number on.

Due to the cost of El Gordo de Navidad tickets it is common for large groups of people to come together and purchase tickets as part of syndicate. In Spain it is known for whole villages, factories and large families to come together to purchase tickets in hope to win the awe-inspiring jackpot. 

Navidad draws are also special and have turned into a tradition for many in Spain as people gather around to watch the numbers being drawn in Madrid which can take up to five hours. The balls are drawn from machines called ‘bombos’ and then children from a local school sing the results; one sings the number while the other sings the prize that that goes alongside it.

El Gordo Christmas Lottery Prize Breakdown

Prize Category Total Prizes Matches Prize*
First Prize "El Gordo" 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 1st prize €4,000,000
Second Prize 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 2nd prize €1,250,000
Third Prize 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 3rd prize €500,000
Fourth Prize 2 Match all 5 numbers of the 4th prize €200,000
Fifth Prize 8 Match all 5 numbers of the 5th prize €60,000

*Prizes values are related per Billete.

The El Gordo de Navidad is not only an exciting lottery to play but as there are loads of prizes available to win players wait in anticipation to see if they are a winner in this Christmas lottery.