EuroMillions is a Real Winner

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EuroMillions is a Real WinnerEuroMillions is not only one of the biggest lotteries in the world, it also has features which make it even better – at least in certain respects – than other big lottery games such as Mega Millions and Powerball in the USA. Recognising these winning features is important because it give players a greater sense of appreciation for the game and therefore makes participating in EuroMillions even more satisfying. Here then, are just some of the reasons why EuroMillions is a real winner, quite apart from the fact that it just happens to be the biggest lottery game in the whole of Europe…

#1 – Tax Free Jackpots
The jackpot prize in EuroMillions is paid to the winner tax-free, unless you happen to play the game in Switzerland. This compares very well with big lottery games in the USA, where a significant chunk of prize money is taken as tax by the government. It is good to bear this fundamental difference in mind when comparing lottery jackpot sizes, because a EuroMillions jackpot payout will often be worth more than a bigger Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot when taxation is taken into account.

#2 – Lump Sum Payments
EuroMillions jackpots are always paid to winners as a single lump sum. Many other lottery games only pay out the advertised jackpot amount if the player opts to receive it in the form of annual payments for 20 years or more, and those who opt for a cash lump sum payment would receive far less than the advertised amount. This is not the case with EuroMillions, where the advertised amount is the actual lump sum cash amount that the winner receives.

#3 – High Minimum Jackpots
Although there are other lottery games which can offer large jackpots after multiple rollovers, EuroMillions boasts one of the highest minimum jackpot levels in the world. Every week, EuroMillions players know that they have a chance to win a jackpot that will be worth at least €15 million, and often much more. Even better, the odds of winning that jackpot (1 in 116,531,800) compare very well with the odds of winning a Powerball jackpot (1 in 195,249,054) or a Mega Millions jackpot (1 in 175,711,536).

As you can see, EuroMillions offers players a fantastic deal and is a real winner when compared with many other popular lottery games. Click here to buy EuroMillions tickets online and maybe the game could make you a big winner too!

8th July 2013