Lottery Scams

Important Notice do not send winning notification emails or letters, therefore if you receive one saying it is from us you can safely assume it is a scam.
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Lottery Scams And How They Work

Lottery scams and cons can turn the popular dream of winning a national lottery jackpot into an incredibly costly nightmare. Professional con men and their teams of cronies target the most vulnerable members of society by posing as lottery officials and informing the potential victim that they have won a prize. The prize is generally of a jackpot size, but some scams refer to more modest amounts in order to avoid arousing suspicion. Either way, the first point of contact is generally made using one of the following approaches:

It used to be the case that lottery scams always involved overseas lotteries. For example, in the UK scam operators used to pose as Canadian or Spanish lottery officials. But these days it seems that any lottery is used as cover, and a recent trend is for people to be conned by individuals purporting to act on more local lotteries such as EuroMillions or the Irish lottery.

More recently lottery scams do not come from fictitious lotteries but instead from winners of large lottery jackpots. Players that have come forward to claim large sums of money have their names released therefore some lottery scams now pose as these winners. These particular scams can come in one of the methods listed above and they can say that the winners want to share their jackpot winnings with you to help you out.

Whilst law enforcement agencies worldwide are working hard to identify lottery scams and bring their perpetrators to justice, the best way to avoid getting conned is to be personally vigilant. Here are three rules of thumb to keep yourself safe:

Lottery scams are a daunting issue but always stay vigilant and you can avoid falling for a scam – just remember if you haven’t got a lottery ticket for a particular draw then you can’t have won the jackpot!

Examples of Euro Millions Lottery scams

Below is an example received by a mobile phone user was not caught out by the Euro Millions lottery scammers. There are multiple versions of these types of emails circulating but please do not send us any you have received, we receive thousands and cannot possibly publish them all:

UK EuroMillions Lottery - Mobile phone lottery winner scam