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Free Lottery

Free Lottery is a game which gives you the opportunity to win fantastic prizes every day - and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t cost anything to take part!

You can win £500 in the Daily Draw, while it gets even more exciting on Mondays when there is a £10,000 jackpot up for grabs in the Weekly Draw. Find out how the game works and play the Free Lottery online here.

Play the Free Lottery

Latest Free Lottery Results

Daily Draw - Friday 17th May 2024
  • 6
  • 21
  • 26
  • 36
  • 40
  • 72
Weekly Draw - Monday 13th May 2024
  • 9
  • 15
  • 59
  • 69
  • 73
  • 74
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Monday's Weekly Draw Jackpot:

Choose six numbers from 1 to 75:

How to Play

It could not be easier to play Free Lottery as there is no cost at all. Follow these simple steps to take part:

  • Register for an online account. You just need to provide a couple of details such as your name and email address
  • Verify your account. You’ll be sent an email and you just need to click on the link to activate it
  • Select six numbers from 1 to 75. You can choose or own or opt for a Quick Pick to get a random set

Once you have registered, you will be eligible to play in the next Daily Draw straight away. As an added bonus, you can enter the next available Weekly Draw straight away after signing up.

When you’ve entered a draw, a digital Free Lottery ticket will be generated. You will be able to find it in your online account.

Pick 3
If you love the Free Lottery, why not try entering Pick 3!?

For a £1 entry, you could win...


(Jackpot odds: 1 in 1,000)

Next Draw: 1pm

Pick Numbers
What is Pick 3?

Pick 3 is an online exclusive game where players must pick three numbers from 0-9 to take part. Draws take place three times daily at 1pm, 6pm and 9pm. Find Out More

Free Lottery Number Generator

Use the Generator below to get yourself a set of lucky numbers for the next Daily Draw or Weekly Draw. A random selection will be provided to you, and you can just keep hitting the ‘Generate’ button until you find a set you like.

  • 59
  • 72
  • 39
  • 41
  • 52
  • 37

If you need to generate more than one set of Free Lottery numbers, select how many you want from the drop-down list below and hit 'Generate More'.

Generate another set(s) of random Free Lottery numbers... Generate More

Prizes and Rules

You must be at least 18 years old in order to take part and are only able to enter each draw once. To make the game fair for everyone, systems have been set up to make sure that no one can create more than one account.

To win a prize, you must match all six numbers. If no one matches all six numbers in a Daily Draw or Weekly Draw, no prize will be awarded for that draw. The jackpot stays the same in every draw - £500 in Daily Draws and £10,000 in Weekly Draws - it does not roll over if nobody wins. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 201,359,550.

Daily Draws are held at 7.30pm UK time and the cut-off time for entries is 5.30pm. The Weekly Draws take place at 2.00pm UK time on a Monday, with entries needing to be submitted by 12.00pm the same day.

After your first Weekly Draw entry, you will need to play in at least three Daily Draws per week to qualify for future Weekly Draws.

Once you have submitted your entries, it's just a case of waiting to see how lucky you have been in the latest draw by logging in to your online account or checking the Free Lottery Results. If you've managed to match all six numbers drawn, then all you need to do is get in touch to start the claims process. You must make contact within two working days of the winning draw.