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Odds of Winning

EuroMillions offers 13 different prize tiers, and the estimated jackpot is published prior to the draw. The exact value of prizes in each tier, including the jackpot*, is calculated according to how many tickets are sold in a particular draw and how many winning tickets there are in any given prize tier.

Prize Tier Odds of Winning Average Prize
Match 5 + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 139,838,160 €47,042,203.73
Match 5 + 1 Lucky Star 1 in 6,991,908 €454,454.41
Match 5 1 in 3,107,515 €78,499.15
Match 4 + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 621,503 €4,573.07
Match 4 + 1 Lucky Star 1 in 31,076 €206.35
Match 3 + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 14,126 €68.75
Match 4 1 in 13,812 €99.27
Match 2 + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 986 €19.97
Match 3 + 1 Lucky Star 1 in 707 €14.64
Match 3 1 in 314 €12.19
Match 1 + 2 Lucky Stars 1 in 188 €10.70
Match 2 + 1 Lucky Star 1 in 50 €8.05
Match 2 1 in 22 €4.09
The overall odds of winning a prize in EuroMillions are 1 in 13

Average prize amounts calculated using results drawn between 10/05/2011 and 23/06/2017.

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EuroMillions syndicates are incredibly popular as they increase a player's chances of winning without necessarily increasing the cost. Of course, any prizes won are shared between all syndicate members.

While there is no guarantee that playing each week, or as part of a syndicate, will secure a win, it is entirely feasible that you could win the jackpot the first time you buy a ticket. In 2013 17-year-old Jane Park of Midlothian, Scotland, won a £1 million prize after buying a lottery ticket for the very first time.

EuroMillions is a game of chance and the random, unpredictable nature of the lottery means that everyone is in with an equal chance of winning a prize regardless of personal circumstances. There is no reason why you couldn't be the next big winner - unless, of course, you don't buy a ticket.

*Excluding Superdraw or Event Draw jackpots which are a set amount. The jackpots in Superdraws have the ability to roll over to become an estimated amount in subsequent draws, once again based on anticipated ticket sales.