UK Millionaire Maker

You are automatically entered into the Millionaire Maker draw when you play the UK version of EuroMillions. It is a raffle which guarantees that at least one lucky player will win £1 million in every draw. There are also regular promotional draws when multiple ticket holders become millionaires on the same night.

Find out more about how it works, see the latest results and check your UK Millionaire Maker codes right here to see if you are a winner.

Millionaire Maker Codes

The latest Millionaire Maker results can be found below every Tuesday and Friday. See all the codes and select a date for more draw details. To win one of the guaranteed £1 million EuroMillions raffle prizes, your code has to match all of the characters in the order they appear. A partial match does not win a prize.

Total UK Millionaire Maker Codes Drawn
Number of Draws:
Total in Prizes:
Number of Codes:

* This amount includes the £1 Million Every Month for a Year raffle.

Millionaire Maker Checker

Use the Checker today to see if your Millionaire Maker code is a winner. Enter your nine-digit combination in order and the Checker will let you know if you are due a £1 million prize.

The outcome of the Checker does not prove you are a winner. The only way to be able to claim a prize is to have a valid winning ticket. While we make every effort to ensure that the results Checker is accurate, we do not accept any liability for errors or omissions in the information provided or any loss resulting from any such error or omission.

How it Works

  • For every line of EuroMillions numbers sold in the UK, a unique serial code is generated. This consists of four letters and five numbers, starting with H, J, M, T, V, X or Z.
  • To win the £1 million prize, your code must match exactly the code that is selected as the winner. Every character must be in the same position.
  • The draw only includes the valid codes that have been generated for that draw, so the prize is always guaranteed to have a winner.
  • An Automated Draw Machine (ADM) is used to pick the winner. Millionaire Maker codes purchased on multiple-draw tickets which are still valid will also be entered into the ADM. These machines have been used in the UK for many years, and are regularly checked. An ADM ensures EuroMillions can operate a fast, reliable and completely random Millionaire Maker draw.
  • If you win, you have 180 days to claim your prize.
  • The European Millionaire Maker works in a similar way to the UK Millionaire Maker, but is open to everyone who plays a line in any of the nine participating EuroMillions nations, and the first letter of the code will be different in each country.

Odds of Winning

Unlike the main EuroMillions game, which has set odds due to a set number of possible combinations, the odds for the UK Millionaire Maker game will vary between draws.

As it is a traditional raffle, the odds are based entirely on how many tickets have been entered into the draw. The number of £1 million prizes on offer is also a factor, as the National Lottery sometimes offers more than one. The more prizes on offer, the better your chances of winning.

Tuesday EuroMillions draws tend to attract fewer players, meaning your odds of winning in midweek are better than on a Friday. Fewer players also take part when the jackpot is low.

The table below provides an approximation of the odds of winning the Millionaire Maker prize on each draw day, when the jackpot is at its minimum amount or when it has built up after four rollovers. The figures are based on anticipated ticket sales:

Draw Day Approximate Odds of Winning
Tuesday - Minimum Jackpot 1 in 3,570,000
Friday - Minimum Jackpot 1 in 5,080,000
Tuesday - 4th Rollover 1 in 4,770,000
Friday - 4th Rollover 1 in 6,600,000

Each individual code has a separate and equal chance of winning a prize, regardless of when, where or by whom it was purchased.

Past Millionaire Maker Events

The Millionaire Maker has been creating hundreds of millionaires every year since it was launched, initially as the Millionaire Raffle, back in 2009. View the most notable events below.

  • 12th January 2019 – To increase the amount of Millionaire Maker special event draws that are held, the number of codes in every standard draw decreased from two to one. The first special event draw was scheduled for spring 2019, when 40 UK millionaires were created in one night. Several draws now take place every year when 10 or more players receive £1 million on a single evening.
  • 24th September 2016 – The number of Millionaire Maker prizes on offer in a standard draw doubled to two. Mega Friday became Mega Week, providing even more exciting prizes and luxury experiences.
  • 31st October 2014 – Millionaire Raffle became Millionaire Maker and the first Mega Friday draw was held, rewarding 25 players with £1 million and a VIP trip to Makepeace Island in Australia.
  • March 2014 – The National Lottery applied for permission to rename Millionaire Raffle as Millionaire Maker and provide non-cash prizes alongside the £1 million award in select draws.
  • 26th July 2013 – The 100 UK Millionaires Raffle returned to give another 100 ticket holders the chance to become millionaires. This highly anticipated draw resulted in a huge increase in ticket sales but, in the event, left the previous record unchallenged when only 92 of the 100 £1 million prizes were claimed.
  • 31st May 2013 – The £1 Million Every Month for a Year draw was held. Instead of the prize being worth £1 million, this draw offered one lucky player a prize of £12 million, paid in twelve £1 million monthly instalments.
  • 27th July 2012 – The promotional 100 Millionaires draw on the night of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London resulted in 97 of the 100 Millionaire Maker winners claiming their prize, breaking the world record for the most millionaires made in one night.
  • 25th November 2011 – Millionaires Month began, awarding 50 £1 million prizes in the four weeks leading up to Christmas.
  • 13th November 2009 – Millionaire Raffle was launched.

Christmas and New Year's Special Draws

There are often special versions of the UK Millionaire Maker game held around the festive season which give away multiple raffle prizes. In the past, these games have been held on Christmas Day/Boxing Day and New Year's Eve/New Year's Day.

100 Millionaires

There have been a couple of occasions when 100 players have received £1 million. Currently, the 100 UK Millionaire Raffle draw which took place on Friday 27th July 2012 holds the world record for making the highest number of lottery millionaires in one night after 97 of the 100 prizes were claimed.

Millionaire Maker FAQs

You can find a list of frequently asked questions about the Millionaire Maker below to help you learn even more about the game and how it works.

What is the UK Millionaire Maker? Why did the name change?

The UK Millionaire Maker game gives UK players of EuroMillions the chance to win an additional prize of £1 million in every EuroMillions draw. The National Lottery Commission changed the name of the game from ‘Millionaire Raffle’ to ‘UK Millionaire Maker’ in October 2014 as part of larger changes to the structure of the game.

How are the codes generated?

All codes consist of four letters and five numbers. The starting letter will always be H, J, M, T, V, X or Z and will be generated at random. Codes bought in advance of a particular draw will generally contain the same two middle letters (the second and third digits of the code).

All codes generated for an upcoming draw are automatically entered into the system from which the winning Millionaire Maker numbers will be selected. The two middle letters of the code will then change for the next draw. There is a common misconception that the letters drawn as part of the UK Millionaire Maker code in some way affect your chances of winning. This is not the case. Like a traditional raffle, the actual code sequence on the ticket is irrelevant and does not influence your chances of winning; it is simply used to distinguish your ticket from any other ticket purchased for the same draw.

Usually the raffle sequence changes each draw, why does the latest code start with the same letters used in the previous draw?

This is because a multiple-draw EuroMillions ticket was selected to win the guaranteed prize.

Millionaire Maker codes are only valid for one draw, except where a ticket has been purchased for multiple draws, with players able to buy entries for up to four consecutive weeks in advance. As the system recognises an entry for multiple draws, the UK Millionaire Maker code generated for those draws will be included in all of the draws covered by the ticket. However, Direct Debit players have a brand new UK Millionaire Maker code generated for each draw into which they are entered.