Italian SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto is an Italian lottery with a jackpot that can rival any of the world’s biggest games. It is the only Euro Lottery apart from EuroMillions where the top prize has gone past €200 million. Draws take place in Italy every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Find out more about SuperEnalotto and how it works.

The latest SuperEnalotto result is shown below straight after every live draw has taken place in Italy. You can see the winning numbers, including the Jolly and SuperStar.

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Thursday 13th June
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How to Play

To play SuperEnalotto, select six numbers from 1 to 90. Each entry costs €1. For an extra €0.50, you can also add the SuperStar option, which requires you to pick one number from a separate set of 1 to 90.

Decide how many draws you want to enter, up to a maximum of 15 (five weeks), and make sure to play before the ticket deadline. You can play online or by visiting authorised lottery retailers in Italy.

In Italy, you cannot purchase tickets for EuroMillions. However, the multi-national lottery Eurojackpot is available. Go to the Eurojackpot page for more information.

SuperEnalotto Prizes

There are six prize divisions in SuperEnalotto. To win the jackpot, you must match all six main numbers.

If no player matches all the winning numbers, the top prize will roll over to the following draw. As players are required to match six numbers from a large pool of numbers to win the top prize, SuperEnalotto jackpots regularly roll over. There is no jackpot cap, so substantial top prizes are not unusual. To date, the largest SuperEnalotto jackpot stands at €371 million and was won in February 2023.

You can also match numbers for matching as few as two main numbers. An extra number, known as the Jolly, is drawn from the 84 numbers that are left after the first six have been selected. This gives you the chance to win a larger prize if you match five out of six numbers.

The winning combinations and odds of winning a prize are shown in the table below:

Winning Combination Odds of Winning
Match 6 1 in 622,614,630
Match 5 + Jolly number 1 in 103,769,105
Match 5 1 in 1,250,230
Match 4 1 in 11,907
Match 3 1 in 327
Match 2 1 in 22

SuperEnalotto SuperStar Prizes

If you play the SuperStar side-game, it gives you additional chances to win. If you match the SuperStar number, you are guaranteed to win a prize. Match it alongside any of the six winning combinations available in the main game and your prize will be increased. The SuperEnalotto SuperStar prizes are as follows:

Winning Combination Prize
Match 6 + SuperStar SuperEnalotto jackpot plus €2 million
Match 5 + Jolly number + SuperStar Second tier SuperEnalotto prize plus €1 million
Match 5 + SuperStar 25x the SuperEnalotto Match 5 prize
Match 4 + SuperStar 100x the SuperEnalotto Match 4 prize
Match 3 + SuperStar 100x the SuperEnalotto Match 3 prize
Match 2 + SuperStar €100
Match 1 + SuperStar €10
Match SuperStar €5

The overall odds of winning a prize on the main game are 1 in 20, while they are 1 in 90 for the SuperStar game. You can also win instant prizes via the WinBox feature if you have added SuperStar to your ticket. WinBox offers prizes of up to €500.

There is also a SuperEnalotto Raffle, which takes place a few times a year. When the Raffle is held, it usually guarantees a certain amount of prizes, for example 100 prizes of €50,000. You receive a random code on your ticket, and you win if you match one of the winning codes exactly.

If you win a SuperEnalotto prize in Italy, it is tax-free up to €500. Prizes of more than €500 are taxable at a rate of 20%. You can claim prizes from lottery retailers, dedicated payment centres or the offices of lottery operator Sisal, depending on the value of your win. The Sisal offices are located in Rome and Milan.

You can play SuperEnalotto as a foreigner in Italy, or even enjoy the game online if you are located in another country.