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Mega Week: Friday 28th October

25 European Millionaires!
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Unclaimed Prizes

Each year tens of millions of euros in prizes go unclaimed because players have lost their tickets, damaged them or have simply not checked their numbers.

EuroMillions winning tickets are valid for a period of 90 days and below is a list of the largest EuroMillions prizes still waiting to be claimed.

InformationAt present this list only displays unclaimed prizes in the UK

Draw Date & Number Prize Unclaimed Prize Level Area Bought Winning Numbers Last Date to Claim
24th June 2016
Draw: 914
£1,000,000 and a breathtaking New Zealand adventure UK Millionaire Maker Council District of Fife UK Millionaire Maker Results 21st December 2016
29th July 2016
Draw: 924
£1,000,000 and a luxury trip to the Gold Coast UK Millionaire Maker Carmarthenshire UK Millionaire Maker Results 25th January 2017
12th August 2016
Draw: 928
£1,000,000 UK Millionaire Maker District Council Area of Wycombe GSZ040219 8th February 2017

Unclaimed prizes last updated: 18/10/2016.

Despite appeals for the winners of unclaimed prizes to come forward, it is a sad fact that every year a huge number of prizes go unclaimed. The largest was in December 2012 when a jackpot prize worth £63.8 million went to the Good Causes fund after the UK winner failed to claim their prize. In November 2013 the Good Causes fund benefited from a further £12 million after the winner of a single UK Millionaire Maker prize from the "Win a Million Each Month for a Year" special draw failed to come forward.

Despite considerable publicity surrounding these wins, it is likely that the ticket holders were completely unaware that they had won, and lost, a multi-million euro fortune. Such an occurrence would not have been possible if the winner had spent a few minutes buying their ticket online. Purchasing tickets through your own online account provides a number of benefits, with the most significant being that your tickets are automatically checked and you are notified if you have won a prize.

Further information on playing EuroMillions online can be found on the How to Play page.