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Unclaimed EuroMillions Prizes

The table below displays all currently unclaimed EuroMillions prizes in the UK and Ireland, along with the prize amount won, the winning location and how many days are remaining for each prize to be claimed.

Prizes in the UK are valid for 180 days from the date of a draw, while prizes in Ireland are valid for 90 days.

Draw Date & Number Prize Unclaimed Prize Level Area Bought Winning Numbers Last Date to Claim
8th October 2019
Draw No: 1257
£3,696,996.80 Match 5 and 1 Star UK:
South Gloucestershire
7, 10, 15, 44, 49
Lucky Stars: 3, 12
Draw Details
5th April 2020
(4 days)
22nd October 2019
Draw No: 1261
£1,000,000.00 UK Millionaire Maker UK:
Rhondda Cynon Taf
Draw Details 19th April 2020
(18 days)
8th November 2019
Draw No: 1266
£1,000,000.00 UK Millionaire Maker UK:
Borough of Broxbourne
Draw Details 6th May 2020
(35 days)
7th February 2020
Draw No: 1292
€130,444.00 Match 5 and 1 Star Ireland:
9, 15, 17, 25, 40
Lucky Stars: 3, 9
Draw Details
7th May 2020
(36 days)
28th February 2020 €500,000.00 Match 5 Ireland:
Draw Details 28th May 2020
(57 days)
7th February 2020
Draw No: 1292
£1,000,000.00 UK Millionaire Maker UK:
Draw Details 5th August 2020
(126 days)
28th February 2020
Draw No: 1298
£134,316.20 Match 5 and 1 Star UK:
8, 11, 20, 22, 23
Lucky Stars: 3, 4
Draw Details
26th August 2020
(147 days)

Unclaimed prizes last updated: 20/03/2020.

Do you have a winning ticket? Find out how to claim a prize.

Purchasing entries through your own online account provides a number of benefits, with the most significant being that your numbers are automatically checked and you are notified if you have won a prize.

What happens to unclaimed prizes?

Depending on the country you purchase a ticket from, the way in which unclaimed prizes are processed may be different.

In the UK

Unclaimed prizes in the UK are added to the National Lottery’s Good Causes Fund after the 180-day time period has elapsed. Millions of pounds worth of prizes go unclaimed every year, and sometimes players even miss out on huge jackpots. On Friday 8th June 2012, a UK player won £63.8 million but then never came forward to claim their money.

Before a prize is claimed, it is held in a trust outside of Camelot's bank accounts that is managed by Law Debenture. The interest generated by these unclaimed prizes goes towards paying bank charges and tax. It is also used to pay fees to external auditors and Law Debenture's trustee fees. Any money left after those costs is given to the Good Causes fund.

In Ireland

In Ireland, prizes which are not claimed within 90 days are returned to the National Lottery. This money is then used for the promotion of its games, with the aim of raising funds for good causes.