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German Lotto

Lotto 6aus49 launched in 1974 and is one of Germany's biggest lottery games. The lottery is managed by the Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock (DLTB) which represents 16 individual lotteries from various regions in a partnership known as Lotteriegesellschaften.

Latest Result

Saturday 18th August 2018
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How to Play

Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday, and players are required to choose six main numbers between 1 and 49 plus an additional number, known as the Superzahl, between 0 and 9. To win the jackpot, a player must match all seven numbers, but prizes are available for matching as few as two main numbers plus the Superzahl. In the event that there is no jackpot winner, the top prize will roll over to the following draw. This facility has enabled jackpots to climb to significant amounts, with the largest jackpot to date being worth €43,382,458 and finally shared between three ticket holders in December 2007.

German Lotto has a total of eight prize tiers, each one known as a 'Class', and the odds for each tier are as follows:

Prize Tier Winning Combination Odds of Winning
I Match 6 + Superzahl 1 in 139,838,160
II Match 6 1 in 15,537,573
III Match 5 + Superzahl 1 in 542,008
IV Match 5 1 in 60,223
V Match 4 + Superzahl 1 in 10,324
VI Match 4 1 in 1,147
VII Match 3 + Superzahl 1 in 567
VIII Match 3 1 in 63
IX Match 2 + Superzahl 1 in 76