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EuroMillions Winners

From small prizes to jackpot windfalls, millions of EuroMillions winners are created in every draw. To date, the largest EuroMillions prize possible, a life-changing €190 million, has been won twice – first in August 2012 by Adrian and Gillian Bayford from the UK and then again in October 2014 by a Portuguese ticket holder, who won the huge prize after a series of rollovers brought the value of the top prize right to the jackpot cap.

For a full list of EuroMillions prizes, including the highest, lowest and average amounts won in each prize tier, have a look at the EuroMillions Prizes page.

The EuroMillions jackpot was last won on Tuesday 14th March by 1 ticket from Portugal.

EuroMillions Winners by Country

Each of the nine participating countries has produced at least one EuroMillions jackpot winner since the game began in 2004. You can use the table below, which is updated every time the jackpot is won, to discover the exact number of top prize winners by country.

Country: Jackpot Winners: Percentage of Total
Jackpot Winners:
France 84 23.1%
Spain 82 22.5%
UK 65 17.9%
Portugal 64 17.6%
Belgium 28 7.7%
Switzerland 15 4.1%
Austria 14 3.8%
Ireland 10 2.7%
Luxembourg 2 0.5%
Total: 364 100%

Top 15 Largest EuroMillions Winners

The table below lists the top 15 largest EuroMillions jackpot winners and the countries in which the lucky entries were purchased. Click on a result date to see more information about that specific draw.

Results Date: Draw Number: Amount Won: Country:
October 24th 2014
740 €190,000,000 Portugal
August 10th 2012
510 £148,656,000[1] UK
July 12th 2011
397 £161,653,000[2] UK
November 13th 2012
537 €169,837,010 France
October 11th 2016
945 €168,085,323 Belgium
November 20th 2015
852 €163,553,041 Portugal
September 13th 2011
415 €162,256,622 France
June 13th 2014
702 €137,313,501 Spain
March 29th 2013
576 €132,486,744 France
October 8th 2010
348 £113,019,926[3] UK
March 14th 2014
676 £107,932,603[4] UK
June 12th 2015
806 £93,388,944[5] UK
May 8th 2009
274 €126,231,764 Spain
May 13th 2011
380 €121,019,633 Spain
October 7th 2011
422 £101,203,601[6] UK

References for equivalent Euro amounts: 1. €190,000,000, 2. €185,000,000, 3. €129,818,431, 4. €129,384,564, 5. €129,204,405, 6. €117,705,979

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EuroMillions Syndicate Winners

There are several notable EuroMillions syndicate wins throughout the history of the game:

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