One of the longest running multinational lotteries, Vikinglotto is played across ten participating countries: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden. Draws take place every Wednesday at 20:00 CET in Hamar, Norway.

Latest Results

The Vikinglotto results for Wednesday 23rd November are:

  • 5
  • 12
  • 27
  • 28
  • 32
  • 37
  • 4

If you have won a prize by playing through a lottery retailer, you will need to claim your winnings from a retailer in the same country where the ticket was purchased. If you have played online, your winnings will automatically be added to your online account.

Find out more on the Vikinglotto website.

By playing online, you automatically get the added advantages of:

How to Play

Vikinglotto players are required to choose six numbers between 1 and 48 and a Viking number between 1 and 5. Participants can either select their own numbers or opt for a Quick Pick, where a random set of numbers will be automatically generated.

To win the jackpot, players must match all six main numbers and the Viking number. The jackpot starts at a minimum of €3 million, and if it is not won, it rolls over to the following draw. Once the jackpot hits its cap of €25 million, additional prize money is added to the prize tier below it, which is won by matching all six main numbers without the Viking number.

The top two prize tiers are shared between all the participating countries, but the rest of the prizes are set individually by each nation. A percentage of the revenue from each ticket sale contributes to the shared prize fund, and any leftover money is distributed among the remaining prize tiers in each country.

The following table shows the different prize tiers and the odds of winning in each category.

Prize Tier Prize Odds of Winning
Match 6 + Viking Ball Shared Jackpot (minimum €3 million) 1 in 61,357,560
Match 6 Shared Prize 1 in 15,339,390
Match 5 + Viking Ball Country Specific 1 in 243,482
Match 5 Country Specific 1 in 60,870
Match 4 + Viking Ball Country Specific 1 in 4,750
Match 4 Country Specific 1 in 1,187
Match 3 + Viking Ball Country Specific 1 in 267
Match 3 Country Specific 1 in 66
Match 2 + Viking Ball Country Specific 1 in 36

Prize tiers differ in each participating nation, and not all countries offer all of the prize tiers listed above.

A number of supplementary games are also available in different countries, such as various ‘Joker’ games, in which players must match up to seven numbers in the exact order they are drawn.