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UK Player Wins Record €230 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

A single player from the UK became the biggest-ever EuroMillions winner on Tuesday night, snapping up a jackpot worth €230 million.

The winning numbers were 6, 23, 27, 40 and 41, with Lucky Stars 2 and 12. Millions of prizes were awarded across Europe, but only one player matched the full winning line. Check out a Results Breakdown for the draw on 19th July, showing where all the prize money went.

Update: The UK National Lottery has confirmed that the jackpot has already been claimed. The winner made contact the day after the draw and can now look forward to receiving their prize, subject to validation.

Biggest EuroMillions Winner in History

It was announced shortly after the draw that the jackpot-winning ticket was sold in the UK. No further details were immediately disclosed, but the winner has wasted no time in coming forward.

When the win is validated, the lucky participant will have to decide whether to stay anonymous or go public with their story. If they remain private, there may be no more information revealed about the winner. 

It is the largest EuroMillions jackpot to be paid out in the history of the game, trumping the previous record of €220 million that went to a French ticket holder in October 2021.

The jackpot cap was raised to €230 million following that French win last October, and the new limit was hit on Friday 8th July following a run of rollovers since the most recent Superdraw in June.

The jackpot was not able to climb any higher for subsequent draws, so the extra funds have since been going to the prize tier for matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star. This has created even bigger wins for those players who have just missed out on the jackpot.

If nobody had won on Tuesday, it would have marked four consecutive draws at the cap. This is the most that is allowed, under current rules, so a Must Be Won draw would have been scheduled for Friday night. The jackpot would have rolled down to the Match 5 + 1 tier if there were still no winners.

Jackpot Cap Now Raised To €240 Million

The EuroMillions record has now been broken four times in less than two years. A player from France had previously won €200 million in December 2020 and a Swiss ticket holder landed €210 million in February 2021, before the €220 million French win last autumn.

The records have tumbled because EuroMillions rules allow for the jackpot cap to increase by €10 million after someone has won the maximum amount.

The limit for the jackpot will now be lifted to €240 million, opening up the possibility that the record could be broken again in the next few months.

Keep an eye on Euro-Millions.com for more news about the winner. In the meantime, there will still be an opportunity to win a multimillion-pound jackpot every Tuesday and Friday night. Take part online now to try and become the next big winner.

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Published: Tue, 19 July 2022 - 9:24pm
Last Updated: Wed, 20 July 2022 - 2:05pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com