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Get Set for EuroMillions Superdraw on Friday 9th September

The date of the next EuroMillions Superdraw has been announced, allowing fans of the game to circle Friday 9th September on their calendars as the next chance to win a guaranteed €130 million jackpot.

It is set to be the third Super Jackpot event of the year, following hot on the heels of the last one on Friday 17th June. Nobody won that jackpot on the night, so it ended up rolling all the way from €130 million to a record €230 million. A UK player eventually landed the full amount (worth £195 million), becoming the country’s biggest-ever lottery winner.

It has been a remarkable year for big jackpots. Another Superdraw which should have taken place on 29th April had to be pushed back because the top prize was already worth more than €130 million, leading to a €215 million (£184 million) win for Gloucester’s Joe and Jess Thwaite a couple of weeks later.

A UK player also won the jackpot in the year’s first Superdraw on 4th February. It’s not just been UK success in 2022 either. Between the Superdraws there have been several other big payouts across the participating countries.

There’s even a chance that the jackpot could surpass €130 million by the time the 9th September comes around.

What is a Superdraw?

In a Superdraw, the jackpot is increased to the advertised amount regardless of its value in the preceding draw. If there’s been a run of winners without the top prize being able to rise too high, it guarantees there will be a huge jackpot to look forward to on a particular date.

The money for Superdraws comes from the Reserve Fund, which is the same fund that is used to ensure the minimum jackpot of €17 million can always be offered. When the Reserve Fund runs to a given excess, the participating national lotteries can jointly arrange the next big promotion.

Apart from the enhanced jackpot, Superdraws operate exactly the same as regular draws. You still play in the same way, the cost of a ticket is the same, and so are your chances of winning. If there are no tickets that match all the numbers, the jackpot rolls over as normal.

Could There Be Another Record?

History suggests that Superdraws very often help to create EuroMillions records, just like the last one earlier this summer. The jackpot grows so quickly as it approaches €200 million, that it does not take many rollovers to go from a Superdraw to the jackpot cap.

The Jackpot Cap now stands at €240 million - it was raised by €10 million again after the recent UK win - so the upcoming Superdraw could set the platform for yet another record.

If you want to try and win the next Superdraw jackpot, you’ll have to take part on 9th September. Whether you use your own numbers or try a Lucky Dip, you’ve got a chance as long as you enter. You can view the latest EuroMillions Results every Tuesday and Friday as soon as draws have taken place. 

Written by

Published: Tue, 2 August 2022 - 3:13pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com