European Millionaire Maker

The European Millionaire Maker is a raffle played in all participating EuroMillions countries. It is guaranteed to create multiple millionaires every time it takes place, and has previously paid out as many as 100 prizes on a single night.

There is no additional cost to play the European Millionaire Maker. You are entered directly into the draw if you buy a EuroMillions ticket for the date when it takes place. View the latest results below and keep a regular eye on this page to find out when the next big event will happen.

Latest Results

The latest European Millionaire Maker results are shown here. See the draw date and find out the winning codes.

Flag AMDK 11832
Flag BNCB 05332
Flag BNCH 41130
Flag BNDB 78859
Flag BNDK 93982
Flag BNDX 51433
Flag BNFH 28768
Flag EBBB 78253
Flag EBBB 90909
Flag EBBG 04302
Flag EBBJ 35559
Flag EBBJ 37625
Flag EBBL 14679
Flag EBBX 31108
Flag EBBX 76080
Flag EBBZ 08058
Flag EBBZ 12903
Flag EBCM 25219
Flag EBCW 45960
Flag EBDJ 61000
Flag EBDQ 56709
Flag EBDW 87292
Flag EBFJ 08175
Flag EBFM 34831
Flag FBZT 94515
Flag FCML 21693
Flag FCMN 51796
Flag FCXG 67833
Flag FDDH 55659
Flag FDTM 35909
Flag FFHH 93009
Flag FFVZ 36692
Flag FFWC 29113
Flag FGJD 05394
Flag FHPZ 43160
Flag FLHQ 26491
Flag FLKT 11445
Flag FNLT 01414
Flag FNQW 38044
Flag FNXG 68102
Flag FPVL 38712
Flag FQHQ 41129
Flag FQQT 17993
Flag FRBK 82158
Flag FRZV 25376
Flag FSGQ 57281
Flag FTJN 25674
Flag FTVF 64785
Flag FVTG 10597
Flag HGHR 94826
Flag HGHT 74423
Flag INTZ 21276
Flag INVD 35065
Flag INVF 65558
Flag JFGZ 13141
Flag JFHD 07976
Flag JGHM 64419
Flag JGHT 17331
Flag JGHW 68331
Flag JGHW 95763
Flag JGJC 18719
Flag MFHF 58226
Flag MGHP 03745
Flag MGHQ 51755
Flag MGHW 63274
Flag OGHW 46300
Flag OLKX 09020
Flag PBFF 00676
Flag PBFR 16971
Flag PBHS 37662
Flag PBJG 05934
Flag PBKK 14253
Flag PBLD 03754
Flag PBLR 06967
Flag PBNB 35077
Flag PBQF 20128
Flag PBQL 05351
Flag PBRD 24811
Flag RLSF 88972
Flag SBBZ 19730
Flag SBCJ 24768
Flag SBCN 33015
Flag TFGZ 38214
Flag VGHJ 21088
Flag VGHQ 07766
Flag VGHX 17537
Flag VGHX 98305
Flag WXRR 87900
Flag XFHF 13164
Flag XGHJ 98325
Flag XGHK 29974
Flag XGHR 29219
Flag XGHS 15058
Flag XGHT 17227
Flag XGHX 51373
Flag XGHZ 95924
Flag ZFGX 28998
Flag ZGHK 95993
Flag ZGHQ 90252
Flag ZGHZ 98751
Flag BHMR 32763
Flag BHNJ 64417
Flag BHNK 86655
Flag BHNL 54610
Flag BHNQ 96583
Flag BHNT 35440
Flag BHNV 30470
Flag BHPV 32773
Flag EBBB 51860
Flag EBBD 70418
Flag EBBF 26358
Flag EBBJ 34796
Flag EBBP 27831
Flag EBCG 54031
Flag EBCH 27984
Flag EBDB 48546
Flag EBDB 62398
Flag EBDD 99803
Flag EBDK 36121
Flag EBFB 27852
Flag EBFD 53629
Flag EBFD 88478
Flag EBFR 73408
Flag EBFW 57864
Flag EBFZ 49430
Flag EBGD 84310
Flag FBJB 32849
Flag FCBM 92592
Flag FCCZ 64000
Flag FCPV 01912
Flag FFWV 25413
Flag FGNQ 50037
Flag FGVZ 67432
Flag FHNS 76765
Flag FHWD 28167
Flag FJJD 37158
Flag FJJV 71787
Flag FJRZ 35853
Flag FJTV 00190
Flag FKBX 42574
Flag FNCN 99152
Flag FNJK 79627
Flag FNWH 71157
Flag FPBP 12550
Flag FPXH 79858
Flag FQMX 42431
Flag FQTJ 67362
Flag FSDV 60006
Flag FSHF 31374
Flag FSTP 64314
Flag FTHD 16573
Flag FTLZ 26610
Flag FTRH 67340
Flag FVHM 94680
Flag HVSD 27040
Flag HVSF 61310
Flag HVSK 04713
Flag HVSM 17788
Flag HVSP 90761
Flag IMDZ 91577
Flag IMFC 21006
Flag IMFF 48547
Flag JTRT 58673
Flag JVRZ 11907
Flag JVSM 73525
Flag MTRT 79385
Flag MVRZ 26827
Flag NQCC 05383
Flag OQBN 39384
Flag PFCK 17673
Flag PFDB 27796
Flag PFFM 27813
Flag PFFN 07949
Flag PFFW 22456
Flag PFKK 29281
Flag PFLS 22482
Flag PFLS 32079
Flag PFMB 24858
Flag PFPW 21873
Flag RLSH 43275
Flag RLSM 59586
Flag RLSN 57742
Flag RLSP 76359
Flag SBBT 76008
Flag SBBV 14622
Flag TVRZ 55779
Flag TVSD 23735
Flag TVSG 00783
Flag TVSG 76136
Flag TVSH 82930
Flag VTRL 01585
Flag VTRL 87162
Flag VVRZ 30685
Flag WJQH 00203
Flag XVSG 84995
Flag XVSL 70214
Flag ZQQJ 90798
Flag ZTRM 14877
Flag ZTRR 94586
Flag ZVSM 26552
Flag BJLV 45645
Flag BJMT 67227
Flag BJNB 77106
Flag BJNM 90928
Flag EBBK 43966
Flag EBCC 58926
Flag EBCF 59168
Flag EBFB 97797
Flag EBFN 38701
Flag EBFR 43398
Flag EBFX 08749
Flag FGVD 66005
Flag FKGR 04119
Flag FMJX 88807
Flag FNNQ 00970
Flag IDKB 06633
Flag JLVR 34110
Flag JLVW 63060
Flag PPJB 00440
Flag PPMB 07380
Flag PPPC 06497
Flag SNPH 91972
Flag TLVN 02629
Flag XLVR 17841
Flag XLVX 49260
Flag BBCT 05888
Flag BBNG 31881
Flag BBNJ 32351
Flag BBNL 07167
Flag EBBJ 52275
Flag EBBW 92585
Flag EBCD 54048
Flag EBCZ 24806
Flag FCLN 76899
Flag FDRS 96604
Flag FFMN 69169
Flag FGXR 37189
Flag FJPC 95117
Flag FTJX 18583
Flag FVZX 54546
Flag FWBC 50471
Flag HMDC 75349
Flag LLRH 01111
Flag LLRJ 39187
Flag LLRJ 89890
Flag MNDP 45508
Flag PDMN 18458
Flag PDTH 18475
Flag SNNR 90606
Flag VNDN 45602

European Millionaire Maker Checker

Find out if you are a European Millionaire Maker winner. Enter your code below and select ‘Check’. It will be compared to the winning codes and you will be notified if you have won.

*Remember that to win a prize you must have a ticket for the applicable draw date, and that the outcome of the checker does not prove you are a winner. While we make every effort to ensure that the results checker is accurate, we do not accept any liability for errors or omissions in the information provided or any loss resulting from any such error or omission.

How it Works

The game works in the same way as the UK Millionaire Maker. You receive a unique raffle code alongside every EuroMillions line you play. The code is generated at random and will consist of four letters and five numbers (for example ABCD12345). The first letter of the code corresponds to the country where the ticket was purchased:

Country Starting Letter of Raffle Code
FlagAustria A, N, O or W
FlagBelgium B
FlagFrance F
FlagIreland I
FlagLuxembourg L
FlagPortugal P
FlagSpain E
FlagSwitzerland R or S
FlagUnited Kingdom H, J, M, T, V, X or Z

The winning codes are selected at random from all those that have been entered into the draw across Europe. There is not a pre-determined amount of winners for each country.

You must match one of the winning codes exactly, with each character in the same place, to receive one of the prizes.

When European Millionaire Maker games are held, the code for the European version of the raffle will be the same as the one for your entry into UK Millionaire Maker, giving you yet another chance to win £1 million!

The prize for every winner across Europe is €1 million, but the UK National Lottery tops up the payouts for its winners so they all receive £1 million each.

The odds of winning depend on how many prizes are offered and how many tickets are sold, so they are always different.

Learn more about how to claim prizes.

100 Millionaires

On Friday 21st January, an edition of the European Millionaire Maker took place that was known as 100 Millionaires. The participating EuroMillions nations had decided to put up a prize fund of €100 million, which was guaranteed to create 100 millionaires across the continent.

The big event sparked a surge of ticket sales (47.56 million tickets sold across Europe) and the prizes were spread out across eight different countries. France created the most millionaires, with 28 on one night.

25 Millionaires

When the European Millionaire Maker first took place, in October 2016, it promised to create 25 new millionaires. Another draw, in February 2018, also awarded 25 players with €1 million / £1 million.

The promotion only takes place occasionally, when all participating nations are in agreement and there is sufficient money in the Reserve Fund.