EuroMillions iPhone App Help

The new EuroMillions app for iPhone and iPad introduces some great new features, such as a Ticket Scanner, alongside the latest results from the main EuroMillions draw and all supplementary games. You can find guides on how to navigate the app and use all of its features on this page. Go to the EuroMillions iPhone and iPad app page to download the app.

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Installing and setting up the app

The EuroMillions iOS app is available to download for free from the App Store. It’s compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 10.0 or later. Follow the steps below to install and set up the app.

The app home screen will then be displayed, showing the latest results for the lotteries you selected.

You can change any of the setup options in the Settings menu – see the 'Adjust Your Settings' section for further help on how to do this.

The home screen acts as the hub from which you can navigate to many of the app’s features. There is also a menu that allows you to access all of the app’s available screens.

Some features, such as the Statistics, are accessed through your device’s web browser. To navigate back to the app press your device’s Home button twice to open the app switcher, then select the EuroMillions app.

Viewing the latest results

The results of all the lotteries you select during the setup process or in the app’s settings will be displayed automatically on the home screen. You can find more information about each draw as follows:

Using the Ticket Scanner

The Ticket Scanner provides a fast and easy way to find out if you’ve won a prize. Follow the steps below to use the scanner.

The winning numbers from that draw will be returned and any you matched will have a tick mark next to them. It will also display whether the ticket is still valid or if it has expired. Any raffle codes or numbers for supplementary draws will be shown, and it will display whether the code or numbers have won.

To scan another ticket tap the arrow button < at the top of the screen to go back, then repeat the steps above.

Checking your ticket

In addition to the Ticket Scanner there are several other ways you can check your numbers in the EuroMillions app. Tap the ‘Checker’ button in the menu to access the different options.

Quick Check

The Quick Check is best for any numbers you play as a one-off or if you don’t want to save them to the app.

To check another ticket tap the arrow button < at the top of the screen to go back, then repeat the steps above.

Add Ticket

You can save a set of numbers to the app to check again quickly in the future. This will save time if you play the same numbers in every draw or if you have an entry for multiple draws.

Your numbers will then be saved and visible on the main Checker screen. Swipe between the different draw dates to see how many numbers you matched. Tap the ‘Full Check’ button next to your ticket to check the numbers against all recent draws.

Edit Ticket

You can edit or delete saved numbers from the main Checker screen.

You can tap the ‘How to Claim’ button on the main Checker screen to find out what you need to do next if you have won. A new page will open in your web browser.

Setting up notifications

You can adjust which notifications you receive at any time. Choose to receive alerts when the EuroMillions results come out or when a jackpot reaches a certain value.

Generating random numbers

The app’s Number Generator feature gives you the ability to create random lines of numbers at the touch of a button. This features is available for all of the games included in the EuroMillions app.

Viewing archived EuroMillions results

Access a complete archive of EuroMillions results, going all the way back to the very first draw.

Adjusting your settings

Update your preferences on the app’s Settings screen. There you can change the language that the app is displayed in and change your current location.

You can also view the app version on the Settings screen. To avoid any issues we would advise you to keep the app up-to-date with the latest version.