2 Chance

Swiss EuroMillions players have the opportunity to win additional prizes when they play EuroMillions thanks to the 2 Chance (‘Second Chance’) draw. This supplementary game sees the five main numbers on their tickets entered into another draw, with awards for matching three, four or five numbers.

Latest Results

The latest results for the 2 Chance draw are shown below and will appear shortly after the draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday. Select a specific draw to view the full prize breakdown, including the number of winners at each tier and the prizes that were won.

To win the top prize of approximately CHF150,000, players must match all five numbers drawn. If no player matches five numbers in the 2 Chance draw, the prize fund for that tier rolls down and is allocated to winning players who have matched four or three numbers.

Odds of Winning

The odds of winning a prize in any of the three tiers are shown below:

Prize Tier Numbers Matched Estimated Prize Odds of Winning
1 5 numbers CHF 150,000 1 in 2,118,760
2 4 numbers CHF 700* 1 in 9,417
3 3 numbers CHF 25 1 in 214
*Maximum prize for this tier is CHF 950 per winning ticket.


If you've played online and won a prize, you will automatically receive your winnings in your Swiss lottery account or bank account, depending on the amount won.

Prizes below CHF1,000 that were won when playing in-store can be claimed from any lottery retailer in Switzerland, however a prize claim form may need to be submitted depending on the amount. Prizes over CHF1,000 must be claimed from lottery headquarters. Find out more about claiming lottery prizes in Switzerland.

Please note that prizes in Switzerland are valid for 26 weeks after a draw has taken place.

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