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Betting on EuroMillions

EuroMillions is the game of choice for many European lottery players, as its large jackpots remain unrivalled throughout nine participating countries. Most people enjoy buying tickets and waiting for the results to unfold, but betting on EuroMillions has enjoyed a considerable rise in popularity as people seek to receive bigger payouts for matching fewer numbers.

Instead of playing a full line, choosing five main numbers and two Lucky Stars, you can choose to match anywhere from one to five numbers. Keep in mind that when you bet on EuroMillions, you need to match all numbers in order to win the bet. If you pick three numbers, all three numbers must appear in the lottery result to win. If you only match two of your three numbers, then you lose your bet. This is in contrast to playing EuroMillions with an official ticket, where you would still receive a prize even if you don't match all of the numbers you selected.

While you wouldn't be able to play for the jackpot if you bet on EuroMillions, you can however grab some incredible returns for a flexible price.

Different bookmakers have different odds, but here is a general example of what you could win when you bet on EuroMillions:

Pick and Match... Odds Paid A Winning €1 Bet Pays
1 number 8/1 €8 + Your €1 Stake
2 numbers 100/1 €100 + Your €1 Stake
3 numbers 1,500/1 €1,500 + Your €1 Stake
4 numbers 33,000/1 €33,000 + Your €1 Stake
5 numbers 500,000/1 €500,000 + Your €1 Stake

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As you can see, if you were to bet €1 on a single number and match it in the draw, you would win €9 - a return of €8 in addition to your original stake of €1. However, you don't have to bet €1, €5 or any other fixed amount - many bookmakers let customers bet anything from 10c, which in the above example would win you 80c (plus your 10c stake) if you were correct. This is a flexible option for players who prefer not to spend €2 on one EuroMillions ticket.

If you compare the odds for betting on EuroMillions and the corresponding prize payouts in the game itself, you might find that you'll get more for your money when you make a bet. For example:

€2 Bet - Pick 2 and Match 2 numbers = €202

€2 Ticket - Pick 5 and Match 2 main numbers = €4.09*

Betting on EuroMillions is a great way to try and match just one or two numbers, but if you want to win that eight or nine-figure jackpot, you have to purchase a EuroMillions ticket. After all, if enough of your numbers come up, you could become the next big EuroMillions winner!

*Average prize amount won - see EuroMillions Prizes for more details.