Biggest EuroMillions Jackpot Ever

The biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever won in the UK was worth £170,221,000 and came on Tuesday 8th October 2019. The lucky jackpot winner decided to stay anonymous when they came forward to claim their prize, so no more information was revealed about whether it was an individual or a syndicate, or where the ticket was bought.


The biggest jackpot ever won in the UK was won in October 2019

The jackpot accumulated after a record-breaking run of rollovers which saw the prize money increase from its base amount of €17 million (approximately £15 million) to €190 million (£170 million), the maximum amount possible at the time.

The jackpot reached its cap after 18 consecutive rollovers, starting on 23rd July, but the story didn’t end there. EuroMillions rules specify that only five further draws are allowed to take place once the jackpot cap is reached. If it gets as far as the fifth draw at the cap without being won, a Must Be Won draw is held and the entire jackpot is guaranteed to be given away.

That’s just what happened between September and October 2019; the jackpot reached its cap but still did not get won in the subsequent four draws, so a Must Be Won draw was scheduled for Tuesday 8th October. In that draw, if no one matched all five numbers and both Lucky Stars, a jackpot ‘rolldown’ would occur and the prize money would be split between winners in the next prize tier below.

Luckily for one UK ticket holder, no rolldowns were needed as they matched all the numbers to take sole custody of the €190 million prize.

Prior to the 'Must Be Won' draw, the previous record jackpot win in the UK went to Chris and Colin Weir from Largs in Ayrshire, Scotland. The couple won an incredible £161,653,000 on Tuesday 12th July 2011, ending a 14-rollover run that had started at just €15 million.

Previous Record Holder

Back in 2011, the jackpot cap was €185 million, and the exchange rate in the previous draw meant that a UK winner would have won £164 million had they won on Friday 8th July. As it was, the Weirs matched all the numbers four days later to become EuroMillions' biggest winners.

They chose to go public when they claimed their prize and revealed that they had purchased their ticket from a local McColls store. It was one of five Lucky Dips they purchased for the big draw and Chris realised they had won when she checked the numbers at around midnight.

The Weirs revealed that they planned to buy houses for their children and travel the world. They also became philanthropists, setting up the Weir Charitable Trust to help local causes in Scotland.

On Friday 10th August 2012, one year on from the Weirs' success, Adrian and Gillian Bayford won a EuroMillions jackpot worth €190 million. That prize was worth more than the €185 million that the Weirs won, but changes in the exchange rate between euros and pound sterling meant that their payout was £148 million – £13 million less than the Weirs took home.

The Winners page contains a list of the biggest prizes to have ever been claimed, as well as a table ranking all the participating countries by the number of jackpot winners.

Biggest Millionaire Maker Draw

The 100 Millionaires Raffle Draw took place on Friday 27th July 2012 and holds the world record for creating the largest number of millionaires in one night. The special version of Millionaire Raffle, as it was known at the time, coincided with the opening of the 2012 London Olympics, which had been partially funded through sales of Lotto and EuroMillions tickets in the UK. Of the 100 prizes offered, 97 of the winning ticket holders from the draw came forward to claim their awards within the 180-day deadline, leaving three prizes of £1 million unclaimed.

Biggest Irish EuroMillions Winner

Ireland has not delivered as many jackpot winners as the UK but has still had lots of notable successes. The country's largest win dates back to Tuesday 19th February 2019 and was worth €175,475,380.

A Superdraw on 1st February had increased the top prize to €120 million, and it kept rising until a sole ticket, purchased in Ireland, matched all the numbers. The news sparked a frenzy of media speculation and the winners got in touch with the Irish National Lottery just a day later to stake their claim.

It emerged that the ticket had been bought at Reilly's Daybreak store in The Naul, Co Dublin, and belonged to a family syndicate. Although they never officially went public, members of the group did speak to the press and revealed that they had put the ticket in an Argos catalogue under a mattress before they deposited it with lottery officials for safekeeping.