EuroMillions Plus

EuroMillions Plus is played in Ireland every Tuesday and Friday alongside the main draw and gives you the chance to win additional prizes up to €500,000 with your EuroMillions numbers!

EuroMillions Plus Results

The latest EuroMillions Plus results are shown below after each draw has taken place. Select a date to view the number of winners and prize amounts:

How to Play

Playing EuroMillions Plus is very similar to playing EuroMillions, but without the Lucky Stars. For an additional €1 per line, you can opt in to the Plus game when you purchase your main EuroMillions entries for the Tuesday draw, Friday draw, or both.

To add Plus to your ticket, you will need to select your EuroMillions numbers as usual and then tick the 'Add EuroMillions Plus' box located on the play slip. You will not need to pick any additional numbers, as those on your ticket are entered into both draws (with the exception of the Lucky Stars).

Five numbers are randomly drawn, with prizes awarded if your original EuroMillions numbers match three or more of the five ’Plus’ numbers drawn.

Check your tickets

To have your ticket checked, simply enter your numbers into the fields below.

Type in your numbers and press "Check"


There are three prize tiers available, with a guaranteed top prize of €500,000 for matching all five numbers.

Prize Tier Prize
Match 5 €500,000
Match 4 €2,000
Match 3 €20

Advance Play

The Advance Play option allows you to purchase your tickets up to eight draws in advance by simply ticking the Advance Play box for the number of draws you wish to participate in (e.g. one, two, four, six or eight). Any prizes won from an Advance Play ticket are claimed in the usual way.


Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding EuroMillions Plus are shown below. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Does the Match 5 top prize roll over if there are no winners?

No, all prizes amounts are fixed and cannot roll over.

Where are the Plus numbers on my EuroMillions ticket?

The five main numbers you enter in the main EuroMillions draw are also used as your EuroMillions Plus numbers. Your ticket will have 'PLUS YES' printed on to confirm that your numbers have been entered into both draws.

When do ticket sales close?

If you are playing online, entries close at 7:25pm every Tuesday and Friday. If you're playing instore, it's 7:30pm.

Are the Plus results the same as the EuroMillions results?

No, EuroMillions Plus is a separate draw to EuroMillions and therefore has different winning numbers - however your chosen EuroMillions numbers are entered into both games when Plus is played.