Extra Lux

Extra Lux is a supplementary EuroMillions game offered exclusively to players in Luxembourg. Ticket holders can win up to an additional €100,000 if they match the five numbers drawn in the Extra Lux game.

Extra Lux Results

How to play Extra Lux

Everyone who enters EuroMillions in Luxembourg is automatically entered into the supplementary Extra Lux game. Players matching three, four or five main EuroMillions numbers receive amounts ranging from €10 to €100,000 as well as the usual EuroMillions prizes.

Here are the Extra Lux prizes offered and the odds of winning each:

Match Prize Odds of Winning
5 main numbers €100,000 1 in 2,118,760
4 main numbers €500 1 in 9,417
3 main numbers €10 1 in 214
Overall odds of winning: 1 in 209


Extra Lux was introduced with a host of other changes to EuroMillions in September 2016. Adjustments to the game included a Lucky Star being added to the matrix and the introduction of a Europe-wide raffle game, called European Millionaire Maker, held on occasions throughout the year.

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