My Bonus

When you play EuroMillions in Belgium, you are automatically entered into My Bonus at no extra cost. The game offers hundreds of additional prizes alongside every EuroMillions draw. Promotional draws also take place from time to time, paying out thousands more prizes.

My Bonus is exclusive to Belgian EuroMillions players and was introduced to guarantee more winners in the country. Find out more about how it works and check your codes to see if you are a winner.

My Bonus Results

The following table displays the five most recent EuroMillions draws and the number of My Bonus codes that have been drawn in each:

Draw Date Number of Codes Drawn
Tuesday 27th February 2024 €500 x 100
€50 x 1,000
Friday 23rd February 2024 €500 x 200
€50 x 2,000
Tuesday 20th February 2024 €500 x 100
€50 x 1,000
Friday 16th February 2024 €500 x 200
€50 x 2,000
Tuesday 13th February 2024 €500 x 100
€50 x 1,000

Total My Bonus Codes Drawn

Prize Number of Draws Raffle Codes Total in Prizes
€1,000,000 8 8 €8,000,000
€100,000 9 225 €22,500,000
€1,000 2 2,000 €2,000,000
€500 770 237,500 €118,750,000
€50 17 25,000 €1,250,000
€10 104 4,749,600 €47,496,000
Total 910 5,014,333 €199,996,000

Check Your My Bonus Codes

You can also use the ticket checker to see if your code has won a prize. Enter your code in the space below and select ‘Check’. The code will be checked against previous results and you will be informed if you have won a prize.

While we make every effort to ensure that the results My Bonus Checker is accurate, we do not accept any liability for errors or omissions in the information provided or any loss resulting from any such error or omission. Please read our full disclaimer. You can only win a prize if you purchased an entry for the applicable draw date. View information on how to claim a prize.

How My Bonus Works

For every EuroMillions line you play, a My Bonus code will be generated. Every code begins with the letter ‘B’, followed by three letters and five numbers. You can see your codes on your ticket, or by logging into your account if you’ve played online.

If you play more than one EuroMillions line, you will receive multiple My Bonus codes. When you have multiple codes, these will be presented as a series.

The winning codes will then be selected using a random number generator. There are 600 winners of €500 each on a weekly basis, with 200 prizes of €500 awarded in Tuesday draws and 400 prizes in Friday draws. These prizes are all guaranteed to be won, as only the codes that have been generated will be entered into the draw.

Throughout the year, the Belgian National Lottery also holds regular draws when thousands of EuroMillions players win €10 each.

When the European Millionaire Maker takes place, your My Bonus code will also count as entry into the Europe-wide raffle, which offers multiple prizes of €1 million.

If there are no Belgian winners in a European Millionaire Maker draw, every eligible My Bonus code will be entered into a separate draw to ensure that at least one Belgian participant wins €1 million.
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