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My Bonus

As part of the changes to EuroMillions in September 2016, the Belgian National Lottery will introduce the supplementary My Bonus game. My Bonus is exclusive to Belgian EuroMillions players and offers additional prizes.

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For every EuroMillions ticket purchased in Belgium, a My Bonus code will be generated that enters the ticket holder into supplementary draws. Every My Bonus code will begin with the letter ‘B’, followed by three letters and five numbers.

The game promises to create 600 winners of €500 each on a weekly basis, with 200 prizes of €500 awarded in Tuesday draws and 400 prizes in Friday draws. Even better, the same code will also count as entry into the European Millionaire Maker game, which offers multiple prizes of €1 million.

InformationIf there are no Belgian winners in a European Millionaire Maker draw, every eligible My Bonus code will be entered into a separate draw to ensure that at least one Belgian participant wins €1 million.

Throughout the year, the Belgian National Lottery will guarantee that thousands of EuroMillions players win €10 each when they match the My Bonus code on their ticket to the ones drawn on the night.