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20 UK Millionaires Guaranteed on Friday 21st April

There will be a special spring promotion on Friday 21st April, guaranteeing that 20 EuroMillions players in the UK will become millionaires.

The prizes will be offered through the Millionaire Maker, which usually gives away £1 million to one lucky ticket holder. This week, though, there will be extra opportunities to win.

How the Millionaire Maker Works

The Millionaire Maker draw is a raffle which is only open to UK players. For every line of numbers played, a unique raffle code is also generated. This code consists of four letters and five numbers.

In a standard draw, one code is picked at random as the winner. If you match the code exactly, with all nine characters in the correct positions, you receive a prize of £1 million.

On Friday, there will be 20 winning codes instead of one, significantly boosting your chances of winning. The exact odds depend on how many tickets are sold.

The winning codes are selected from the codes that have been generated for the draw, so the prizes are always guaranteed to be won. This is different to the main EuroMillions draw, where the jackpot is not always won.

It is important to make sure that you always check the Millionaire Maker results. Some players focus on the winning numbers in the main draw and forget to look at the raffle code. The list of Unclaimed Prizes in the UK typically includes more prizes from the Millionaire Maker than the main draw.

It is possible to win a prize in the main draw and in the Millionaire Maker on the same night. Use the Checker to find out quickly if you are a winner.

Written by

Published: Mon, 17 April 2023 - 9:01am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com