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£96 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Won In Spain

After five weeks of rollovers, the £96 million EuroMillions jackpot has been won by one ticket holder from Ciudad Real in Spain. On a night where a special UK Millionaire Maker raffle guaranteed that 20 millionaires would be made, one ticket holder has even more reason to celebrate after hitting the multi-million pound jackpot.

Latest Winning EuroMillions Numbers

The all-important numbers from the draw on Friday 19th July were 13, 14, 17, 26, and 28, with Lucky Stars 2 and 7. Spain's jackpot winner matched all of them to win the £96 million (€107 million) jackpot, and now the wait begins to see when they come forward to claim.

It has been revealed that the ticket was bought at the Loterías Dulcinea de Oro, a lottery vendor in the city of Ciudad Real. Owner María Emma Alberdi said the jackpot was won on a five-euro ticket and speculated that it was bought by an individual rather than a syndicate. Although the location of the winning ticket has been made public, the identity of the winner will only be released if they decide to go public with the win.

In total there were 911,225 winners on the night in the UK, not including the winners of the Millionaire Maker raffle, and over three million across all nine participating nations. Another £3 million went to UK players.

If you entered Friday’s draw, make sure to find out if you won using the Results Checker. You can also enter any codes you have for supplementary EuroMillions games, such as UK Millionaire Maker, to make sure you don’t miss out on any prizes you won. 

EuroMillions Jackpot Statistics

After this latest jackpot win, the total jackpot prize money awarded so far in 2019 stands at £670 million. If the winning continues at the same rate for the rest of the year, it could be one of the most successful years for players in the history of EuroMillions. Based on how much jackpot money has been won already in 2019 and how many draws there are left in the year, the jackpot total could top £1.2 billion by year’s end.

2013 currently holds the record for the amount of jackpot prize money won in a single year, with £1.16 billion shared over 31 winning draws. The jackpot has been won in only 10 draws so far in 2019, but the value of those prizes has been significantly more than in years past. In 2013 the average jackpot was worth £37 million, but following this latest win, this year’s average jackpot stands at double that: £74 million. 

EuroMillions jackpots won over the last 10 years
Year No. of Jackpot-Winning Draws Jackpot Prize Money Won Average Jackpot
2019 to date 9 £669,398,785 £74,377,643
2019 projected 18 £1,211,120.690 £67,284,483
2018 18 £1,075,865,134 £59,770,285
2017 21 £1,148,662,075 £54,698,194
2016 24 £1,044,056,148 £43,502,340
2015 27 £871,730,324 32,286,308
2014 25 £1,151,166,825 46,046,673
2013 31 £1,161,265,797 £37,460,187
2012 21 £1,092,240,979 £52,011,475
2011 23 £1,111,402,260 £48,321,837
2010 28 £870,486,948 £31,088,820

It has been an extraordinary year so far and it got off to a flying start when Frances and Patrick Connolly won £114 million in the New Year’s Day draw. Two Superdraws have been and gone since then, each boosting the jackpot to more than £100 million and creating some of the game’s biggest ever winners along the way.

Chances are that there will be at least one more Superdraw in 2019, although this is not guaranteed, as they are not scheduled for any specific dates. If there is another, it’s almost certain to offer another nine-figure jackpot, contributing even more to the impressive amounts already given away so far this year.

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Published: Fri, 19 July 2019 - 4:22pm
Last Updated: Fri, 26 July 2019 - 12:03pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com