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Big Money in Midweek EuroMillions Game

Thanks to its minimum jackpot of €15 million, the EuroMillions game always gives players the chance to win big money, but this Tuesday 15 May there will be a particularly large amount of cash on offer. The estimated jackpot will be worth around €51 million (around £41 million) because no player matched all of the numbers required to land the triple-rollover jackpot last Friday, so it rolled over yet again!

The main numbers drawn in the EuroMillions game on Friday 11 May were 01, 13, 17, 38 and 44, and the Lucky Star numbers were 02 and 11. Seven tickets matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star and won a second-tier consolation prize of €247,547 (£177,783) as a result. Nine tickets won €64,179 (£46,092) after matching five main numbers only.

50 tickets matched four main numbers and both Lucky Star numbers to win a fourth-tier prize of €5,776 (£4,148) each, and another 1,024 tickets matched four main numbers and one Lucky Star to win €246 (£177) each. The biggest winner in the UK on Friday was the owner of the ticket bearing the winning Millionaire Raffle number CMS978848, because that ticket is now worth a cool £1,000,000.

Talking of the Millionaire Raffle game, EuroMillions players in the UK are getting very excited about the chance to win one of eighteen Millionaire Raffle prizes in the special Super Raffle this Friday 18 May. We have covered that story previously, so if you missed it be sure to take a look at our news item UK Millionaire Super Raffle on 18 May 2012.

Of course, if someone is lucky enough to land the €51 million rollover jackpot in the midweek EuroMillions game this Tuesday, the sum of £1 million will suddenly look like small change. Play EuroMillions online today and you just might be richer than you ever thought possible by the middle of the week! Good luck!

Written by Tim Reynolds

Published: Mon, 14 May 2012 - 9:24am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 1:14pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com