Can I Play EuroMillions and Claim Prizes in Another Country?

Can I Play EuroMillions and Claim Prizes in Another Country?

With the winter fading rapidly into the background, EuroMillions players across the continent are beginning to head off on their annual holidays. As the pan-European lottery offers regular jackpots worth eight or even nine figures, you won’t want to miss out on a draw, so can you play EuroMillions in another country and, importantly, can you claim prizes?

Can I Play EuroMillions in Another Country?

The good news is that you can play EuroMillions in any of the participating nations, wherever you come from originally. There are no restrictions based on citizenship, the game is open to anyone who buys a legitimate ticket.

If you are a UK resident chasing the sun in Spain, or a Portuguese player exploring the Swiss Alps, you can still stake your claim to the latest big jackpot on your way back from the beach or after you descend from the mountain.

Can I Claim Prizes Won Abroad?

In the same way that there are no barriers to playing in another country, there are also no restrictions on claiming prizes in a different nation. However, there are a couple of things to consider.

You can only claim prizes in the country in which you bought your ticket. This means that, if you play lines in a draw that takes place after you return home, you would have to fly back to your holiday destination to pick up the cash. This will be fine if you win the multimillion-Euro jackpot, but is certainly not cost-effective if you are due a €5.30 payout. 

Secondly, three of the EuroMillions nations tax their winners, which might be a surprise if you usually play in a country that doesn’t. Portugal, Spain and Switzerland withhold sums over certain values on EuroMillions prizes, and you can find out more on the Playing Abroad page.

Am I More Likely to Win in Certain Countries?

If you have been planning your summer holidays around the countries that win the most EuroMillions jackpots, you might be disappointed. Every EuroMillions line has exactly the same chance of winning the top prize as any other, no matter where it is played.

Some countries do win more than others, with France, Spain and the UK taking the lead in the table, but these are also the largest participating nations with the most players, so it follows that more prizes would crop up in these countries. Portugal does very well for its size, but there are a number of factors behind that, which involve playing more lines than usual. It is nothing to do with the climate, food or culture! 

Alternatives to Playing Abroad

An alternative to playing EuroMillions in another country is to buy tickets in advance in your own nation. Most national lotteries allow you to purchase lines for a predetermined number of draws, which should cover you whilst you are on your holidays.

An even simpler solution is to choose your numbers online through a site such as You can either buy multidraw entries or you can log in to your account to pick lines for individual draws whilst you are away, as it doesn’t matter in which country you make the purchase. All prizes are paid into your player account, ready to be withdrawn to your bank account when you wish.

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