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€139 Million
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Playing Abroad

You can play EuroMillions abroad if you are visiting one of the participating nations, but you will have to claim any prizes won on those tickets in the country in which you bought them. In addition, if you win cash amounts in three of the EuroMillions jurisdictions, you could find yourself liable for taxes on your prize. Here is the EuroMillions tax information you need to know:

Country Taxes
Portugal Any lottery prize won in Portugal that is worth more than €5,000 is subject to 20 percent tax.
Switzerland In Switzerland, lottery winnings over CHF1,000 are taxed at a rate of 35 percent, which is withheld from the initial prize by officials and is transferred to the Federal Tax Administration.
Spain Spain levies a tax of 20 percent on all lottery prizes above €2,500.

Play EuroMillions in Advance

In order to avoid missing out on winning a life-changing EuroMillions prize, you can ensure you have bought your entries before you leave by buying tickets in advance to cover the draws that will be held while you are away. All member nations offer this facility to ticket holders. See the table below for details:

Country Subscription Period
Austria Can subscribe for up to 20 draws in advance
Belgium Can subscribe on a continuous basis
France Can subscribe on a continuous basis
Ireland Can subscribe for up to eight draws in advance
Luxembourg Can subscribe for up to ten draws in advance
Portugal Can subscribe for up to 12 draws in advance
Spain Can subscribe on a continuous basis
Switzerland Can subscribe on a continuous basis
UK Can subscribe on a continuous basis via Direct Debit

Play via Direct Debit

If you play EuroMillions online in the UK, you have the option of setting up a Direct Debit so you can continuously enter every draw, no matter where you are in the world. You’ll receive an email notification if you have won any prizes while you’re away.