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Christmas Eve Super Raffle results

Christmas Eve Super Raffle results

Tonight, the EuroMillions Lottery has held their special Christmas Eve Millionaire Super Raffle, the second special draw in as many months. On the EuroMillions Super Raffle in November, ten Millionaire Raffle winners were created, each winning £1 million. Tonight, on Christmas Eve, the EuroMillions Lottery has gone much better than that and has created 25 UK EuroMillionaires. If you have lottery tickets for tonight’s draw then you’ll be keen to see if there’s £1 million in your Christmas stocking, check your Christmas Eve Super Raffle results now.

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In the live televised draw the Super Raffle numbers were selected in lots of eight, with the final millionaire announced right at the end of the show. Here are the Super Raffle numbers, as they came out, do check your tickets carefully!

First eight:

BFM 398 783
DGD 159 945
DGD 719 200
DGF 818 051
DGF 851 397
DGG 277 361
DGG 310 516
DGJ 075 608

Ninth to fifteen set:

DGL 850 456
DGM 623 889
DGN 148 733
DGQ 683 415
DGR 032 175
DGS 561 280
DGT 361 529
DGV 087 857

Final group of eight

DGW 119 899
DGW 375 730
DGW 560 374
DGW 702 339
DGX 248 398
DHB 070 846
DHB 749 651
DHF 422 620

Last chance saloon to be a Euromillionaire!

DHG 263 337

Check your EuroMillions lottery tickets very carefully for the Millionaire Raffle numbers and here’s hoping you’re lucky enough to find £1 million in your Christmas Stocking!

Last Updated: Thursday, 5 June 2014 14:40:44+00:00
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