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Double Rollover for Friday EuroMillions Players

EuroMillions players this Friday 6 April will be able to play for a double rollover jackpot worth around €32 million (around £26 million) after every ticket failed to match all five main numbers and both of the Lucky Star numbers required to win the top prize on Tuesday 3 April. The EuroMillions results which proved so elusive midweek were 01, 08, 18, 25 and 30, and the Lucky Star numbers were 09 and 10.

Three tickets managed to match all five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to win a consolation prize of €335,818 (£239,739). Whilst that isn’t anything like the €21 million jackpot that was up for grabs, it’s still a considerable sum that will no doubt give the three winning ticket-holders plenty to celebrate.

13 tickets won €25,832 (£18,441) each by matching the five main numbers only, and another 33 tickets matched four main numbers plus both Lucky Star numbers to win €5,088 (£3,632) each. 762 tickets won €192 (£137) each by matching four main numbers and one Lucky Star. The total number of EuroMillions prizes won on Tuesday was 1,688,851, and the winning Millionaire Raffle number in the UK (which was worth £1 million to the owner of the matching ticket) was PJT655571.

Fans of our EuroMillions Statistics page (which is a treasure-trove of information for the statistically-minded) will be interested to note that just one number highlighted as being ‘most overdue’ to make an appearance obliged on Tuesday, and that was the main number 18. Whether any more overdue numbers will show up this Friday – and perhaps even help someone to win the €32 million double rollover jackpot – remains to be seen, but if you want to look out for them the most overdue main numbers are now 35, 49, 40, 21 and 22, whilst the most overdue Lucky Stars are 05 and 01.

Play EuroMillions online today, enjoy the draw on Friday and if you win the €32 million that is up for grabs be sure to let us know about it!

Written by Tim Reynolds

Published: Wed, 4 April 2012 - 10:04am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 1:18pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com