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EuroMillions Birthday Brings Quad Rollover Jackpot

The EuroMillions lottery game is currently celebrating its ninth birthday, and players who fancy getting into the party spirit will be pleased to hear that there is a quadruple rollover jackpot of around €52 million (around £44 million) up for grabs this Friday 15 February. It’s hard to believe that nine years have gone by since the first EuroMillions draw took place on 13 February 2004, but they have, and the game is as popular today as it has ever been. The only question is whether anyone will land the quad rollover jackpot this Friday and make the anniversary even more memorable!

Of course, we only have a quadruple rollover jackpot to look forward to because no player was able to land the top prize in the midweek game. The main numbers drawn on Tuesday 12 February were 05, 11, 16, 25 and 28, and the Lucky star numbers were 07 and 09. There were 15 winning tickets at the second-tier prize level, and each of those won €73,256 (£48,881) by matching all five of the main numbers as well as one of the Lucky Stars.

The third-tier prize level was populated by 14 winning tickets that matched five main numbers only to win €26,163 (£17,458) each, whilst another 89 tickets won €2,058 (£1,373) each by matching four of the main numbers and both Lucky Stars. There were 2,105,471 prize-winning tickets in total, and in the United Kingdom one lucky lottery player won £1 million by matching the Millionaire Raffle number WDV765087.

One of the Lucky Star numbers drawn on Tuesday had been flagged up as one of the most overdue to appear, and that was the number 07. That means the most overdue numbers continue to be 46, 12, 13, 33 and 19, whilst the most overdue Lucky Stars are now 08 and 05. Players who like to follow the most often picked numbers should look out for the main numbers 50, 04, 19, 38 and 11, as well as the Lucky Star numbers 03 and 05.

We congratulate everyone who won a prize of any kind on Tuesday and we wish the best of luck to everyone who visits this page to buy tickets for the €52 million quad rollover jackpot game this Friday. 

Finally, congratulations to the EuroMillions game itself on reaching its ninth birthday, and may there be many more to come!

Published: Thu, 14 February 2013 - 8:28am
Last Updated: Thu, 8 December 2016 - 3:00pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com