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EuroMillions Delight for Derbyshire Ticket Holder

Christmas has come early for one lucky EuroMillions ticket holder who found himself celebrating a £1 million win thanks to UK Millionaire Maker. Ken Wedgeworth, from Derbyshire, claimed the seven-figure sum after matching one of the five winning codes in the draw on Tuesday 22nd November and now plans to use the money to treat himself and those who are less fortunate.

Ken, who enjoyed a distinguished 25-year career as a sergeant major in the British Army, was buying bread and milk from his local Morrisons when he felt the urge to purchase a Lucky Dip entry for the upcoming EuroMillions draw. Little did the Swadlincote resident know that his decision would soon make him a millionaire.

"I went onto my iPad the day after the draw to check the numbers,” the 56-year-old told National Lottery officials. "I didn't see any of my numbers but I did match a Lucky Star. I then checked the raffle code and immediately sat down. I kept on looking and checking if I had misread the numbers and letters.” Much to Ken’s surprise, he was the latest EuroMillions player to win a huge prize and join the prestigious millionaire’s club. Thoroughly astounded, Ken contacted the National Lottery claims line to have them confirm the win and is adamant that he "hasn't stopped shaking" ever since finding out.   

Upon collecting his colossal cheque, Glasgow-born Ken revealed how he wants to spend his vast sum: “Something I really want to do is go on a cruise around the Arctic Circle, Denmark, Norway and the Baltic states, so I will do that. I want to make sure my family and friends are financially secure too.” With mobility an issue for the winner, a new home will also be high on the list of priorities.  

Having served his country across the globe for a quarter of a century, Ken also immediately knew that he would like to share some of his windfall with those most in need: "During my Army career, I saw a lot of the Third World and the problems people face there. One thing was the number of people with cataracts – people losing their sight day by day and going blind. I'd like to give a bit towards a charity that helps that." It is this generous spirit that led to glowing praise from his sister: "He really is the most generous person. The money couldn't be going to a nicer person."

If you would like to join Ken in winning a huge prize courtesy of EuroMillions, tickets for tonight’s draw, estimated to be worth £24 million (€29 million), are available to buy online or from any authorised retailer. And don’t forget, entry into the Millionaire Maker draw is free to all UK ticket holders, so check those tickets carefully! Best of luck!

Published: Fri, 9 December 2016 - 11:16am
Last Updated: Tue, 28 June 2022 - 11:52am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com