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EuroMillions Draw on 4th February to Create 20 UK Millionaires

There will be 20 UK millionaires in the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 4th February as the National Lottery marks the upcoming changes to the game with a special promotion.

A number of changes have been announced for the start of February, with more prize money going to the jackpot in every draw so that the top prize can grow more quickly. The jackpot cap will also rise from €190 million to €200 million, while Superdraws are set to take place more regularly.

To celebrate the launch of these changes, it has been revealed that 20 UK players are guaranteed to win £1 million in the first draw under the new rules. These prizes are set to come in the Millionaire Maker game.

Better Odds of Winning

Millionaire Maker is a supplementary raffle which you are automatically entered into every time you buy a EuroMillions ticket in the UK. You receive a random code for every line of numbers you play and if this code is drawn - with all nine characters exactly in the right order - you win £1 million.

There is usually just one winning code in a standard draw, but special Millionaire Maker raffles take place from time to time. There were 10 millionaires created on New Year’s Eve, and the draw on 4th February will make twice as many.

With so many more winning codes than normal, the odds of becoming a millionaire will be significantly improved. The chances of winning the Millionaire Maker are based entirely on the number of tickets that are sold, and as Tuesday draws usually attract fewer players than Fridays, the odds of landing £1 million on 4th February may be even better.

It is estimated that around 4.7 million EuroMillions tickets will be bought on a Tuesday once the new rules come in, so the odds of winning the special Millionaire Maker game could be around 1 in 235,000.

More Special Draws In The Future

The new prize structure of EuroMillions will allow for more money to go into the Reserve Fund. It is this fund that pays for special promotions, as well as ensuring that the minimum jackpot can always be offered.

With more money going into the Reserve Fund from February, more big events are set to be held in the future. A Superdraw will follow on immediately from the enhanced Millionaire Maker draw, taking place on Friday 7th February and putting up a guaranteed jackpot of €130 million (approximately £105 million).

A spectacular week is therefore in prospect at the start of the month, with additional £1 million prizes up for grabs on the Tuesday and a big Superdraw jackpot on the Friday. Choose your EuroMillions numbers online or pick up tickets from an authorised retailer.

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Published: Wed, 15 January 2020 - 9:54am
Last Updated: Wed, 15 January 2020 - 9:55am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com