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EuroMillions Jackpot Climbs Faster, Higher, Stronger

Whilst the launch of the Olympic Games dominated the attention of the media on Friday 27 July, EuroMillions players around the world were just as excited about the prospect of winning the jackpot of €141.5 million (£110.9 million). In the UK, players were also excited about their chances of winning one of the 100 Millionaire Raffle prizes, each worth £1 million. The Millionaire Raffle game delivered (UK players can check their numbers here) but the EuroMillions jackpot rolled over for an eleventh time, giving players around €153 million (around £119 million) to play for this Tuesday 31 July.

The main numbers drawn in the EuroMillions game on Friday were 14, 15, 21, 23 and 48, and the Lucky Star numbers were 02 and 10. The second-tier prize level paid €275,300 (£200,340) to each of 16 players who matched the five main numbers and one Lucky Star. There were 25 winning tickets at the third-tier level, and each of those matched the five main numbers only to win €58,731 (£42,739) each.

141 tickets won €5,207 (£3,789) each by matching four of the main numbers as well as both Lucky Stars, and another 2,720 tickets matched four main numbers and one Lucky Star to win €236 (£171) each. There were more than 7.28 million prizes won in total, which gives some indication of the staggering number of tickets that must have been sold for the draw. Ticket sales were obviously helped by the 100 Millionaire Raffle prizes that were up for grabs in the UK, but the bottom line is that every EuroMillions entry last Friday helped to give all players an even bigger jackpot to pursue this Tuesday. 

Anyone who likes to follow our EuroMillions Statistics and wants to consider including one or more ‘overdue numbers’ among their selections will be interested in hearing that the most overdue main numbers are currently 33, 06, 09, 41 and 12. The most overdue Lucky Star numbers right now are 05 and 07. Will any of those numbers help someone to land the €153 million jackpot this Tuesday? Buy your EuroMillions tickets here today and you’ll soon find out! Good luck!

Written by Tim Reynolds

Published: Mon, 30 July 2012 - 10:18am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 1:02pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com

Friday 1st March 2024
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