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EuroMillions Jackpot Rolls Again

The EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over for the third week in a row, so lottery fans across Europe and around the world are now getting very excited about the EuroMillions triple rollover jackpot that is now coming up this Friday 30 April. The triple rollover jackpot will be worth €59 million (around £51 million) so if you are the kind of player who likes to buy several tickets when there are big jackpots at stake you would be wise to start thinking about which numbers you want to enter!

The EuroMillions results in the last draw (Friday 23 April) were 03, 07, 08, 43, 46 and the Lucky Stars were 06 and 08. Four players matched the five main numbers and one of the two Lucky Stars to win €856,441 (around £612,294) each, which many people would consider to be a life-changing prize in itself. Nine other players matched just the five main numbers and as a result won a third-tier prize worth €108,020 (around £77,226) each. The Millionaire Raffle number MNM306176 in the UK made one lucky winner £1,000,000 richer.

It goes without saying that all of the winners last Friday will be glad to have matched several of the numbers to win whatever EuroMillions prizes they landed, but no matter how much prize money they won we are fairly confident that everyone will be wanting to try and win the triple rollover jackpot this week. If a single player wins the €59 million outright this Friday then they would be soon be one of the richest people in whatever country they happen to live in, and the beauty of this game is that the winner really could be anyone. All you need is just one ticket and the odds of that ticket making you a multi-millionaire are exactly the same as those for any other!

Those of you who like to take a look at the EuroMillions Statistics when making your entries will want to note that the numbers which are considered most overdue right now are 48, 02, 06, 47 and 15. The most overdue Luck Star numbers are 01 and 07.

Play EuroMillions online today and we wish you the very best of luck in getting the triple rollover numbers that you need to change your life forever!

Published: Mon, 26 April 2010 - 11:19am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 11:36am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com