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EuroMillions Jackpot Surges Past £120 Million

Just a few weeks after the biggest EuroMillions jackpot of all time was won, the top prize has soared back past the £120 million (€140 million) barrier. 

There have been 10 consecutive rollovers since the record was broken for the largest EuroMillions payout in history on Friday 15th October. A woman from Tahiti in French Polynesia was later revealed to be the winner of the €220 million jackpot.

A number of players have come close to winning in the last five weeks, including two ticket holders - both from France, who matched five main numbers plus one Lucky Star in the most recent draw on 19th November. But the jackpot has kept on growing and is already quickly closing in on a place in the top 10.

It is the fifth jackpot this year to be worth at least £100 million. A Swiss player won €210 million - the biggest prize to have ever been seen at the time - in February, before UK ticket holders claimed huge wins in April and June. The French win last month followed a Superdraw in late September.

What Will Happen To Upcoming Superdraw?

Another Superdraw has been scheduled for Friday 3rd December. This was announced earlier in November, with the jackpot for the special event set to be €130 million (approximately £111 million).

The jackpot has now surpassed that advertised amount naturally as a result of rollovers, and will continue to rise until it is won or reaches its new cap. The top prize will never be reduced to fit in with a Superdraw.

If there is a winner of the top prize before 3rd December, the Superdraw will still go ahead as planned with a €130 million jackpot. If the jackpot keeps growing, it could now get up to as much as €230 million.

It promises to be a thrilling few weeks and you can take part online or by visiting an authorised retailer in any of the nine participating countries.

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Published: Mon, 22 November 2021 - 10:16am
Last Updated: Mon, 22 November 2021 - 10:19am
Published By: Euro-Millions.com