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EuroMillions Lottery Triple Rollover Jackpot

The EuroMillions lottery will offer a triple rollover jackpot this Friday because no ticket landed the top prize on Tuesday 13 March. The jackpot on Tuesday had a final value of €33.79 million, so it is estimated that the jackpot in the game this Friday will be worth around €45 million, which is around £37 million for readers in the UK. Players in Britain will be hoping to win their fifth EuroMillions jackpot in a row this year, whilst players elsewhere will be hoping just as keenly that they don’t succeed. Whichever nation you are playing for, the game this Friday is definitely a big one!

The main numbers drawn in the EuroMillions game on Tuesday 13 March were 01, 10, 25, 43 and 47, and the Lucky Star numbers were 08 and 09. Five players won €218,703 each by matching the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars, and five other players matched five main numbers only to win €72,901 (£49,870) each.

18 tickets won €10,125 (£6,926) each by matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars, and 641 tickets matched four main numbers and one Lucky Star to land a prize of €248 (£170) each. More than 1.62 million other prizes of between €4.50 (£3.00) and €134 (£91) were also won by tickets matching fewer numbers. 

None of the numbers previously highlighted as being ‘most overdue’ to make an appearance were drawn on Tuesday, so the most overdue main numbers are still 35, 18, 50, 49 and 40, whilst the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 05 and 01.

Friday EuroMillions draws are generally more popular than those on Tuesdays, so if you combine that observation with the fact that the game this Friday also gives players the chance of winning a triple-rollover jackpot worth around €45 million, we think it’s a safe bet that excitement levels across Europe are likely to soar. Beat the rush and play safe by purchasing your EuroMillions tickets online today and good luck!

Written by Tim Reynolds

Published: Wed, 14 March 2012 - 10:42am
Last Updated: Thu, 5 June 2014 - 1:19pm
Published By: Euro-Millions.com